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Living Liver Donor Surgery by Dr. Ramdip Ray Gives World Class Patient Care with Personal Touch


A liver transplant is a surgical method done in a few patients with liver failure to replace their unhealthy liver with a healthy liver. When a patient receives a liver transplant, his or her entire liver is removed. It is then replaced by a portion of the donor’s healthy liver.

Surgical procedure of living liver donor surgery in India

In living liver donor surgery, the donor and the recipient are placed in side-by-side operating rooms. A surgeon removes a part of the donor’s liver, typically the right half. This donated section of the liver is then quickly set in the recipient in the next operating room. The remaining part of the donor’s liver is sufficient to maintain normal body functions. The recipient also receives a large enough segment of the donor liver to maintain body functions. Amid roughly the following two months, the remaining and transplanted parts of the donor liver develop to normal size, providing normal long-term liver function for the donor and the recipient.

Benefits of living liver donor surgery in India

There are many benefits of receiving a liver from a living donor:

  • No waiting period
  • Surgeries can be planned at an convenient time for both the donor and the recipient 
  • A liver from a living donor ordinarily lasts longer than a liver from a deceased donor
  • A living liver transplant can be booked selectively and before the beginning of life-threatening complications while waiting for a liver from a deceased donor

Dr. Ramdip Ray expert liver surgeon gives patients the gift of life!

Dr. Ramdip Ray is recognized the world over for pioneering and establishing liver transplantation in India. Dr. Ramdip Ray is the best internationally acclaimed surgeons with high level of expertise and experience who perform the complex and sophisticated state-of-the-art liver transplant surgery. Owing to thousands of cases, Dr. Ramdip Ray handles every year he have an upper hand in dealing with all types of complications in such complex surgeries.

Dr. Ramdip Ray offers expert advice and the latest in medical advances to those who wish to protect their liver, those suffering from liver disease like hepatitis or liver cancer, unfortunate few who are dying from liver cirrhosis or acute liver failure and those who have been given a fresh lease of life by a Dr. Ramdip Ray through liver transplant. Dr. Ramdip Ray wish to provide hope to those with terminal liver disease by informing them that at a fraction of the cost abroad, liver transplants in India are being done routinely by Dr. Ramdip Ray at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon , with results that match the best in the world. He acknowledge the extreme generosity and selflessness of all the past and future liver donors in saving their near and dears, and wish to provide them counseling and medical advice. Book a prior appointment with the famous liver transplant surgeon in Gurgaon, Dr. Ramdip ray call +91- 9371136499

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  • Postoperative support : We’ll be in touch with you to facilitate the communication between you and your doctor.

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