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Looking for Cervical Cancer Surgery and Treatment in India : Benefits and Guideline

Detailed Info on Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is cancer of the cervix, the lower part of uterus which is connected to the upper vagina. This is the area where the cervical cells are most likely to become cancerous and also called as transformation zone.

The cervical cancer is treatment is a difficult task and therefore it should be done only by highly experienced surgeons. If not successfully treated at an early stage, this will invade through the wall of the uterus to the adjacent areas and sometimes it will spread through the bloodstream or the lymphatic system to the parts of the body away from the uterus.

Why International patients looking towards to India for Cancer Treatment?

India has achieved a spot in the world’s best medical tourism hub and this is why the international patients are looking for cancer treatment here. We offer a complete medical facility which specializes in many disciplines that are building to cater the needs of our medical tourists. We have tie up with the best cancer hospitals in India that are equipped with rapidly evolving technology, international accreditation with JCI, ISO, etc, international quality standards for medical and surgical care, highly experienced and internationally trained cancer surgeons, dedicated and compassionate nursing staff. We offer the cervical cancer surgery and treatment in India at the low cost as compared to that offered in the US.

Top Cancer Surgeons and Best Hospital in India

Top cancer surgeons in India have a vast experience to treat the cervical cancer with positive outcomes. They have been qualified from the best medical schools in India and abroad. The top cancer surgeons in India work as a team by sharing the patient care and expertise to offer the highest standard of healthcare and hospitality to the international patients.

The best hospital in India providing cancer surgery and treatments have state of the art infrastructures, highly advanced radiation technology that enables the top cancer surgeons in India to more accurately target the cancer cells. The best cancer hospitals in India offer the highest quality treatment and care to the international patients.

Advance Technology to Detect Cervical Cancer in India

The following tests are advance technology to detect cervical cancer in India:

  • Pap test: The cells are collected from the surface of the cervix and checked on a slide. It is available at most hospitals and clinics for cervical cancer treatment in India.
  • HPV test: The doctors take DNA cells by swabbing the cervix. It is ideal for detecting the cervical cancer and more accurate than the Pap test. However, this is not recommended for women below 30 years.

Cost of Treatment for Cervical Cancer in India

Radiotherapy : 

Radiotherapy for cervical cancer is given for large tumors in the cervix which has spread beyond them and is not curable with surgery alone. This treatment may also be used after surgery if there is a high risk that the cancer may recur and often given along with chemotherapy. The cost of radiotherapy in India is 3,500 to 10,000 USDs.

Chemotherapy :

It is treatment of cancer with the anti-cancer drugs which destroy all cancer cells while doing the least possible damage to the normal cells. It stops the cancer cells from growing and reproducing themselves. It is often given to women with advanced cancer or along with radiotherapy. It will be given through a vein and you will need to stay in the hospital overnight or treated as a day patient. The cost of chemotherapy in India is 4,500 to 12,000 USDs.

Prevention of cervical Cancer

The cervical cancer vaccine is the first vaccine every designed for prevention of the cervical cancer. It is recommended that girls from 11 to 12 years take it as this will allow their immune system to get activated before she’s likely to encounter HPV.

Bottom line

Cervical cancer surgery and treatment in India with Forerunners Healthcare Consultants will provide easy access to the highest quality of medical services and care. We provide highest quality treatment which is unparalleled and extremely cost effective compared to the West. Get in touch to know more about the cervical cancer surgery and treatment in India.

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