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Low cost Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Surgery In India - Travcure

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most essential of 4 strong ligaments joining the knee jointbones. Ligaments are solid, thick structures made of connective tissues that alleviate a joint. They link bone to bone through the joint. The purpose of the ACL is to provide firmness to the knee and reduce stress across the knee joint. It restrains unnecessary forward movement of the lower leg bone (the tibia) relative to the thigh bone (the femur). It restricts the rotational movement of the knee overall.ACL Repair Surgery is well known as arthroscopic surgery performed to reconstruct the torn ACL ligament via the grafts that are gathered from the tendon positioned at some other part of the knee.

How Does An ACL Happen?

Most ACL injuries occur due to athletic activities example playing sports like soccer, basketball etc.

  • A tear to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) effects from overstressing of this ligament inside the knee.
  • It occurs due to anunexpectedhalt and twisting movement of the knee, or a power or "blow" to the front portion of the knee.
  • The magnitude of the tear can be a limited or there can be a complete tear as well.
  • Individuals sufferingfrom a tear to the ACL may or may not feel a pop at the time of the damage.
  • It is usually injured along with other structures within the knee joint.
  • After the preliminarydamage, the knee may even swell and become sore.
  • Instability or a sensation the knee is "giving out" may be a major complaint following this injury.

Is An ACL Surgery Necessary

The objective of an ACL surgery is to repair normal or nearly normal firmness in the knee and the level of movementyou had before the knee damage, restrict loss of function in the knee, and avoid injury or failingof other knee structures.Not all ACL tears involves a repair surgery. You along with your doctor need to decide whether rebuildingonly or surgery plus rebuild is right for you.


ACL Surgery Procedure

A Repair Surgery for ACL injuries involves rebuilding or repairing the ligament tear.ACL repair surgery uses a graft to change the ligament. The commonly used grafts are autografts i.e. using parts of your own body, example the kneecap muscle (patellar tendon) or one of the hamstring muscles. Another option used for the surgery is allograft tissue, which is borrowed from a deceased donor.

ACL Repair surgery usually is used only in the case of an avulsion fractureswherein a part of the ligament and a piece of the bone are separated from the rest of the bone. In this situation, the bone fragment attached with the ACL is attached again to the bone. The surgery is usually performed by making small incisions in the knee and instruments are insertedthrough these incisionsfor surgery, these type of surgery is known as arthroscopic surgery. In some cases, open surgery of the knee is done where the surgery isperformed by cutting a large opening in the knee.These ACL surgeries are always done by orthopedic surgeons and many orthopedic surgeons are using arthroscopic surgery more often because it has proved to be easier and a quicker way to perform a knee surgery.

Immediately After an ACL Repair Surgery

ACL Repair surgery is usuallyperformed on an outpatient basis, which means that you need not stay in the hospital for a night compared to other surgeries that may require stayingfor a couple of days in the hospital.

You will feel tired, clumsy for several days post-surgery. You may find swelling surrounding the knee, and you may also feel numbness around the operatedarea. You may also find bruises and swelling at your ankle and shin. You will be advised to put ice pack on the operated area to minimize swelling. The swelling will be reduced in a few days, and you will see significant improvement in your knee. Proper care for your incision is crucial while it heals, you need to keep it clean and dry always and also lookout for signs of infection. Physical recovery after ACL repair surgery may take more than a few months to a year.

India Can Be Your Best Option For ACL Surgery

If you are looking for the best and cost effective ACL Repair surgery as compared with global standards of medical care and facilities, India is the right option for you.Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants are the best in the field of ACL Repair Surgery in India. Travcure’s team of experts are experienced in managing all types of cases for kneesurgeries. These expert consultants have a practice of delivering the best services that makes the patient’s visit to India, including the surgery, making it a most successful and pleasant experience.

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