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Low Cost of Obesity Surgery in India - Get 100% Result

Obesity Overview : 

Obesity is a common problem, which people can rid of the same in different ways. When a number of other non surgical options fail, obesity surgery comes out as a ray of hope for many. Obesity surgery is carried out on morbidly obese patients. With obesity, you can find a number of other issues like Type II diabetes, Blood pressure and other issues, which can hamper your heart and other delicate organs of your body. Hence if you are losing your weight on time, you are keeping all these medical ailments at bay. Medical tourists with this issue often fly for obesity surgery in India for the reason of availing the healthcare services with high quality and affordability.

Growing Obesity Issue in all Age : 

Obesity can be called as a condition wherein people are severely overweight. This problem is not just confined to certain age groups. As per the WHO reports, people with different age group is suffering from this menace. As per the reports, in 2014, 1.9 million of people of 18 to 25 age group suffering from obesity. Similarly, the same report suggests that 13 percent of total population suffering from this menace are of people who belong to 25 to 45 years age group. As per the same report, 11 percent of men and 15 percent of women are suffering from this issue the very same year.  The worldwide obesity phenomena in 2014 are just as double as seen the nineties. In the year 2013, around 42 million kids (of age 5 and above) were reported with obesity. The same reports also claim that the obesity among kids have increased by 30 percent, as compared to the cases of nineties especially in the developed nations. Thus this simply proves as how obesity is a growing issue in different age groups.

Patients Comes to India From  UK, USA, Canada, African subcontinent :

The very basis cause to the problem of obesity is the energy imbalance found in between different calories that are consumed and the expended calories. Hence the target nations like the UK, USA, Canada and African subcontinent are affected the most with this issue of obesity. This is due to the increase amount of energy increase that make people fat, also with the rot found in lifestyle, people tend to be away from physical activities that bring in this issue of obesity. Also, the change in working places too has contributed a lot in bringing this issue. The increase of fast food culture in physical activities and dietary too has a direct impact on the lives of people that have caused obesity to a great extent.  People from the named target countries tend to be pitted with these issues that together contribute obesity, which can only go away the best with the surgery.

 Cost Comparison - All advance country : 

In terms of cost, no one can beat the cost of obesity surgery in India especially when you compare the same with the developed nations. The following cost comparison of obesity surgery in India with developed nations can unveil the real picture of the same:






Roux-en-Y Surgery




7, 970

Sleeve Gastrectomy





Laparoscopic Gastric Banding






About Forerunners Healthcare

When it comes to Obesity Surgery in India, one name that comes into prominence is the medical tourism company called Forerunners Healthcare. It has one of the best surgeons and hospital in its network, which together make a great difference in making the life of an obese simple with effective obesity surgery in India. Right from assisting the medical tourist with their visa and other things to arranging your obesity surgery in India and managing all the small and bigger things, Forerunners Healthcare has emerged as a competitive name in the medical tourism industry. And one of the best things about this medical tourism group is that it brings out the services at affordable cost without hampering the high quality healthcare services. 

Conclusion :

If this information is helpful and you are really looking for Affordable Obesity Surgery in India  Fill free to fill up the consultation form on the website and get free consultation from our Expert Surgeons. you will be provided detail analysis and suggestions regarding your Obesity Surgery in India which is you are looking for.

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