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Malawians preferring the Top Hospitals for Knee Replacement Surgery in India


Knee Replacement procedure is an extremely favoured and one of the most vigorously availed procedures. With the number of patients suffering from knee problems rising rapidly, it has become very essential for the Orthopaedic researchers and experts to find out more ways to tackle with this issue. India’s healthcare system has very commendably improved in this matter and offers the best treatment options for Knee Replacement surgery.Malawi being one of the most underprivileged countries belonging to the African continent, it is extremely cumbersome for the population to find the right cure and most importantly at the right time. In order to find so, the Malawi patients are bound to search beyond the boundaries of their own country. This is where India has been helping several patients from Malawi; especially those in desperate need for a Knee Replacement. So the top hospitals for Knee Replacement surgery in India are providing the best possible cure to these patients.

Top Hospital for Knee Replacement Surgery in India

There are hospitals in India that match the global standards and are taking the benchmarks higher with time. These hospitals are highly advanced and make it a point to keep the infrastructure updated. Thus, in the matter of Orthopaedic equipment, the international patients from Malawi can be totally assured that they are treated using the most modern kind of surgical tools and techniques. Further, the hygiene levels are quite high and thus protect the Malawi patients from any kind of infection or complication. So when compared to the Orthopaedic hospitals in other leading countries, the top hospitals for Knee Replacement surgery in India are doing outstandingly well in catering the patients from Malawi.

Top Knee Replacement Surgeons in India 

1. Dr. Anil Arora – An extremely known name in the field of Orthopaedics, Dr. Arora has more than 28 years of experience and is enormously skilled in the matter of Knee Replacement surgery. He has been successfully performing primary, complex and revision Knee Replacement procedures successfully. He is currently associated with the Max Hospital in Delhi and is also teaching and training other Orthopaedic doctors.

2. Dr. Deepthi Nandan Reddy A. – He has career spanning over 22 years and has supreme clinical expertise in handling joint surgeries trauma surgeries, Arthroscopic surgeries, etc. Dr. Reddy is at present working with the Continental Hospitals and is one of the well recognized Orthopaedic experts with outstanding Orthopaedic skills.

Benefits of Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Some of the priceless benefits that the Malawi patients can find extremely fruitful are:

• Highly reputed and strategically located hospitals extremely established Orthopaedic departments

• Staff speaking fluent English for easy communication 

• Very low treatment expenditure; especially Knee Replacement cost much affordable

• Very reputed medical tourism service provider Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India, present to offer well planned medical tours to India

• Most latest treatment methodologies implemented with high success rates

• India easy accessible from any corner of the globe

Cost of knee Replacement Surgery in India

India is making it extremely easy by offering very pocket friendly Orthopaedic treatment packages; particularly Knee Replacement Surgery packages to the Malawi patients. These packages are very cost effective and it becomes very viable for the Malawi citizens to avail and thus get rid of the difficult and discomforting Knee problems. It is all the more relieving because such affordable Knee treatment packages are absent in Malawi. Thus, the cost of Knee Replacement surgery in India is $6,600 while the same can cost the Malawians about $35,000 in USA.

Medical visa from Malawi to India

In the matter of medical visa, India makes it very convenient by keeping this process totally hassles free for the patients from Malawi. The patients find it a very rewarding experience in India because of the whole treatment process being so handy and suitable for them. Further, while in India Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India is there to aid these patients in every possible way that too in a very transparent approach. We handle each and every aspect of the medical tour; especially the medical visa process is very well handled without the Malawians worrying about anything.

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