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Maxillofacial Surgery, A Relatively New Stream That Treats A Wide Range Of Problems

People are well-acquainted with dental surgeons, but they seldom know about an Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon Kalyan. In fact, it is a dental treatment stream that very few people are even aware of.

He is a surgeon who can deal with a wide range of disorders affecting the facial skeleton, jaws, and oral cavity. The bones of the forehead, cheekbone and surrounding soft tissue constitute the maxillofacial area.

By diagnosing the problems, he reaches the root of the problem and provides a suitable solution for it.

Though people think that it is just a specialization stream of dental surgery, it is quite complex and intricate work than standard dental treatment.

The maxillofacial surgeon possesses expertise in surgery and medicine. The scope of a maxillofacial surgeon is quite widespread. Hence, you must Request an appointment well in advance.

  • Correcting common oral surgical problems like dental implants or impacted teeth
  • The congenital disproportion of face and jaw
  • Oral cancer
  • Diseases of the salivary gland
  • Benign pathologies such as tumors of the jaw or cysts
  • TM (Temporomandibular) joint disorders

Dental Implant Care Clinic In Kalyan offer world-class maxillofacial surgical treatment.

Who needs oral and maxillofacial surgeon?

General and dental medical practitioners refer patients to them if the problem belongs to their domain.

Orthodontists, ENT surgeons, cosmetic dentists, and oncologists all work in collaboration with maxillofacial surgeons.

It is a specialization stream that can be opted after completing the basic general surgical training.

A few conditions that maxillofacial surgeon can treat

  • Removal of non-restorable or damaged teeth
  • TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder
  • Deletion of the tumor from the jaw, face, or mouth
  • Mouth ulcers or oral mucosa
  • Infection in the jaws or necks, salivary glands, and oral cavity
  • Orthognathic surgery or realignment of jaws
  • Structural abnormalities of face, neck or mouth
  • Regeneration of gum tissues and deficient bone
  • Reconstruction after an accident
  • Cosmetic dental procedures, e.g., cheekbone or chin enhancements

When there is an oral or facial abnormality, it hampers the standard functionality. Maxillofacial surgeons restore the functionality and appearance. It boosts the confidence of the person.

They use modern technology

To diagnose and treat the problems, maxillofacial surgeons use new technology and advanced tools. For example, MRI And CT Scan help in viewing neck and head anatomy. The 3D imaging technique gives an accurate idea of the problem.

The image can be manipulated to create 3D models which can be used later in making custom implants specific to the patient. Maxillofacial surgeons are busy people. Therefore, you need to Request an appointment early.

The 3D technology helps surgeons in viewing complex facial structures and skull base. Using surgical navigation tools, surgeons know the position of the surgical instrument.

In the recent times, the technology has further advanced where 3D photography is combined with radiological imaging to improve the diagnosis, assessment, and preoperative planning.

The use of laser is popular in the past four decades, but it becomes greatly useful in maxillofacial surgeries.

The known benefits of the laser such as less discomfort and better visualization become further relevant in the niche.

With the development of improved computerized systems, it becomes furthermore user-friendly. The handpieces offered by manufacturers are more versatile and ergonomic than before.

Hence, they offer better control to an Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon Kalyan.


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