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Move Forward on Elevated Entryways Comfortably with Ez-Access Passport Vertical Platform Lift

A limited mobility people often use wheelchair or knee scooter for moving safely from one place to another inside house. But even wheelchairs cannot help them when they need to cross porches, stairs or elevated platforms. In such situations, using Ez-Access passport vertical Platform lift is an ideal solution. It is a platform lift that makes any elevated area indoors and outdoors easy to access via wheelchair. Moving vertically, the lift is clinically tested and certified for using indoors.

Features of Ez-Access Passport Vertical Platform Lift

  • These lifts are available in multiple lifting heights as well as platform configurations so that users can make safe entry into elevated platforms. The available lifting heights are from 44’’ to 168’’ which easily access entry elevations of wide range. 
  • It features lightweight and durable aluminum construction and it is one of the lightest residential platform lifts available in the market today.
  • It features Plug-N-Play wiring technology which eases the installation task for professional installers. It is a user-friendly lift, which requires low maintenance.
  • It is a battery operated lift; therefore power outages will pose no problem in its smooth performance. A fully charged battery can easily complete 20 cycles in one go.

These lifts are perfect addition to your wheelchair and easy to install in different kinds of residential settings by professional installers.

 Just like residential lifts, even Universal School Lift is also available in the market that lifts different styles and sizes of the mobility scooters easily. Presently,  Harmar AL100 Universal Scooter Lift is the most popular scooter lift, which is compatible with class II or III Hitches. These lifts have unique hold down arm that lifts scooter weighing up to 350 lbs in effortless manner. Another unique feature of the scooter lift is it folds down automatically when not in the use. The basic features of the scooter lifts are fits virtually with mobility scooters, large aluminum deck provide adequate support to scooters, compatible with both 3 and 4 wheeler mid-size and full-size travel scooters, etc.

So, now time has come to move forward on elevated platforms with ease by using Ez-access passport vertical platform lift and Universal scooter lift with wheelchairs and scooters respectively.

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