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Pr. Salim Djelouat

Medical expert in medicine, health and well-being - Paris -

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To say that diabetes has no effect on everyday life is wrong.

The disease of diabetes must not scare us and it can not prevent us from living serenely or prevent us from taking on any professional career brilliantly.

For that, one must simply control one's disease by one's supervision.

As in everyday life and for any person, you have to fight obstacles.

For people with diabetes, diabetes is an additional barrier that must be overcome and requires effort.

We become a sick person, we become a diabetic person.

This is a significant change in our identity.

So, an illness is not only seen in the body, but it also affects our emotions, our lifestyle, our perceptions of ourselves and the other.

It solicits our ability to adapt so that the process that will allow us to learn to live with diabetes starts.

Through our daily experience, our own observations, the information that is transmitted to us by the health staff, by the diabetics themselves, it is created in us, a knowledge based on our own person, constituted of our various practices and acquired knowledge.

This knowledge will enable us to become responsible for our illness and adapt to our everyday life with all its different constraints.

To live well your diabetes or any other disease, we must become a prevention actor and transmit our knowledge.

   The diabetic person must not isolate himself with his illness but on the contrary put it in value to better control it by improving his lifestyle and especially by well monitoring.

"True knowledge comes from experience, the rest is information"

Pr. Salim Djelouat

Pr. in Medical Analysis and Bio-clinician

Medical expert in medicine, health and well-being - Paris -


Scientific author

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