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New Advice to Treat Obesity in children: Dr Ramen Goel

It looks easy to treat children who are facing the problem of being obese and overweight, which is just talk to the parents to let their children eat less and do more physical activity. But in reality the treatment of obesity in children is very frustrating, time-consuming, expensive and more difficult. In-fact selection of the proper method to treat obesity problem in children is very complex. It is even more complex if done by basic pediatric doctor with limited resources. Some of the experts’ new advice for treating overweight and obesity problems in children recommended by best Pediatric expert Dr. Ramen Goel in India.

Behavioral Treatment :

It is found that genetic-based behavioral weight control is the best option to take effective care of extremely obese children. In a study it is shown that the children who attended 75% of the intervention based on the family behavioral weight management program has seen significant loss in weight in overweight children in the period of 18 months. Under the study it is again shown that the children with binge eating habits faced more problems like anxiety, depression, lower self-esteem and eating disorder compared to those without binge eating habits. In selected cases these family behavioral therapy proves beneficial.

Eliminate Energy Diets and Fat Consumptions : 

A proper diet plan which is based on the energy-restricted balanced diet, along with parent and patient education, exercise and behavioral modification can easily limit the weight gain in almost every pediatric patient who is experiencing moderate and mile obesity problem. The weight management program for weight loss which modifies the eating pattern of the family which in most cases proved successful. Elimination of total saturated fat can be especially effective in children who are consuming large amount of snack, high fat and processed fast food items like pizza, French fries, crackers and chips. In study it is proved that lower fat intake is the leading cause of lower body weight, and lowers BMI, and this is again shown in a study of pediatric study the direct relationship between weight gain and saturated fat intake. A reduced fat eating regime is more useful for primary and secondary prevention of weight gain in individuals particularly in those with genetic susceptibility.

Psychopathology – Intensive Intervention :

In various study it is evident that kids with extreme overweight issues might very prone to develop various severe psychiatric disorders which might require long-term medication and hospitalization. In many cases the psychiatric disorder generate, cause and result from the overweight problem or it’s the treatment is not clear. Similar as adult the kids who enters in the treatment program to eliminate obesity might be at the high risk of getting affected with the psychopathology. The treatment suggested for psychiatric disorder can complicate the treatment connected with weight control. It is best option to provide psychology support to various candidates who are undergoing obesity treatment and refer these patients for psychiatric care if any symptom of dysfunction is present.

Surgical Intervention :

There are number of various bariatric surgery methods offered to adults and some children with high BMI. There are various procedures like:

Vertical-banded gastroplasty Bariatric Procedure :

The most basic method includes gastric restriction, in this VBG (vertical-banded gastroplasty), a pouch of around 30ml of capacity is created, which reducing the amount of consumption of food which can be eaten by an individual. The total effectiveness of this procedure is very good with reduction in obesity and overweight complication, with significant weight-loss and enhanced life expectancy.

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding Bariatric Procedure : 

This bariatric procedure has supplanted the VBG, in all manners due to the level of safety it provides and due to the characteristic of reversibility it offers. In this process a saline-filled balloon is placed around the upper stomach. The procedure is suggested in very severe and extreme case of obesity in children which has the issues which cannot be treated by other forms of obesity treatment therapy.

These are some of the suggested new advice to treat obesity in children who are experiencing the problems of over-weight and extreme obesity.

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