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Ovarian Cancer Surgery in India - Facts Revealed

Ovarian cancer forms in the tissues of the ovary; which is a part of the female reproductive glands that are located in the pelvis where eggs or ova are produced. Another function of the ovaries is producing the estrogen, female hormones and progesterone. Epithelial carcinoma and malignant germ cell tumors are two main types of ovarian cancers. The former is the most common ovarian cancer where the cancerous cells form on the surface of the ovary while in the later the malignant germ cell tumors originate within the egg cells.

Some of the risk factors of ovarian cancer include the following:

  • Personal history of cancer, specifically in the uterus, breast, colon or rectum has greater susceptibility to develop ovarian cancer.
  • Family history of ovarian cancer
  • No pregnancies
  • Women after the age of 55 are at greater risk to develop ovarian cancer
  • Fertility drugs
  • Obesity
  • Use of talcum powder to the genitals
  • Estrogen therapy and hormone therapy

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

The signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer includes pelvic or abdominal pain and heaviness, bloating, urinary urgency or frequency, difficulty eating or feeling full quickly, increased gas, nausea, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea, extreme fatigue, lack of appetite, backaches and shortness of breath.

Ovarian Cancer Treatments in India

The ovarian cancer treatment in India will depend on a number of factors such as the stage of the ovarian cancer and the general health of the patient. The treatments include surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Surgery is the initial treatment for most women and there are several types of surgery for the ovarian cancer. Your doctor will recommend the type of surgery depending on the extent of the ovarian cancer.

The examples of ovarian cancer surgery include-unilateral salphingo oophorectomy, total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo oophorectomy, omentectomy, a lymph node biopsy, partial oophorectomy  and a tumor debulking.

  • Radiation therapy for ovarian cancer may be used occasionally for stage 1 or stage 2 ovarian cancers in women. This will help to kill off any cancer cells which are left behind and this will lower the risk of recurrence of cancer. For advanced ovarian cancer, you will need radiotherapy to shrink the tumors and reduce the symptoms of ovarian cancer. The treatment can be given to any part of the body where the cancer is causing problems.
  • Chemotherapy for ovarian cancer is used as an anti-cancer or cytotoxic drugs for destroying cancer cells. You will be offered chemotherapy post surgery if your cancer is stage 1C or higher. But if you have an earlier stage cancer which the doctor thinks may be high grade then you can also have chemotherapy for ovarian cancer which has returned after you were treated earlier for it. Most likely you will have the chemotherapy drugs for ovarian cancer as injections through a vein into your bloodstream. Some researcher has looked for giving the chemotherapy into the abdomen and this is known as intraperitoneal chemotherapy.

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Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India

Forerunners healthcare consultants has an association with the state of the art hospitals in India offering the benefits of getting your ovarian cancer treatment using the ground breaking approach to ovarian cancer treatment. The hospitals in India have access to the latest medical technology and diagnostic tools used for performing the advanced treatments for ovarian cancer. They have specialization in the advanced, minimally invasive techniques to fight ovarian cancer and also support the quality of life both during and after treatment. Indian doctors are supportive therapies such as oncology rehabilitation and nutrition therapy which will help to preserve more quality of life and reduces the treatment related side effects. The cost ovarian cancer surgery in India is about 40 to 80 percent lower than in developed countries. The treatment program will start with assessing a multidisciplinary medical team of doctors who work to determine the best course of treatment for you. Contact Forerunners Healthcare Consultants to get ovarian cancer surgery in India.

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