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Overcome Fear Of Surgery with Dr Shailendra patil

Surgery always causes fear and anxiety. If you think that you are the only person in the world who gets goosebumps with the thought of getting operated, then you are mistaken.

Everyone feels like that. However, it becomes a cause of concern when anxiety levels go beyond unbearable limits, and the fear becomes a psychological issue. 

Surgical anxiety becomes all the more complicated when the psychological issue and fear triggers physical symptoms like nausea, chest pain and raised heartbeat.

Sometimes, a severe spell of anxiety triggers a panic attack.

Different people feel anxiety at different times. Some get disturbed with the thought of getting operated. Some get anxious while preparing for the surgery (when they wear the surgical gown). Some feel depressed while entering the operation room.

Regardless of the type (and severity level) of the anxiety, one must overcome it by consulting the expert such as Dr Shailendra Patil.

What is the cause of surgical anxiety?

The biggest reason for surgical anxiety is the fear of the unknown. In some cases, a previous bad experience also causes anxiety.

When the surgery is going to cause some alteration in the body, it makes the person worried. Also, if the surgery has a risk of loss of life creates high levels of anxiety which is quite apparent.

Experts suggest that it is imperative to meet a counselor who consoles the patient and explains the risks and benefits associated with the surgery.

After one or two sessions, there is a remarkable improvement in the anxiety levels. The patient feels relaxed.

If there is no much improvement seen after one session of counseling, then multiple sessions may be required.

Anxiety and fear of surgery should never be neglected as they cause long-term implications.

Follow these tips

The best way to overcome the fear of surgery is to meet some expert like Dr Shailendra Patil or view Dr Shailendra Patil Review. However, you can follow these tips as well.

Gather as much information as you can

It is an important step. When you are well-informed about the illness and surgery, you become relaxed. Doctors explain to you the problem, surgical procedure, and possible implications.

When the fear of the unknown is replaced by the awareness of information, there is a drop in the anxiety level. The understanding of anesthesia and possible risks associated with it reduce the stress significantly.

Do not hesitate in asking questions about the surgery. Find answers until you get satisfied fully.

Is tension due to financial reasons? If yes, then you must tell it frankly to the counselor or surgeon. Financial worries elevate anxiety. When he knows that you are under financial crisis, he can suggest alternatives. 

When you can’t find a counselor, you can call the surgeon who will be operating. Indeed, he is a busy person who doesn’t have much time. However, he listens to your questions patiently and answers your queries as much as he can.

Try alternate medicines to reduce tension

Since tension and anxiety are more at the psychological level than physical, alternative therapies can be extremely beneficial.

Yoga, meditation, acupressure, Reiki, energy balancing, and hypnosis are some examples. Herbal supplements and massage therapy have been found useful.

Alternate methods like hypnosis or Reiki can remove deep-rooted fear and negativity. These therapies cleanse negativity and boost positive thinking.

By boosting energy at the psychological level, these methods can increase the confidence of the person much.

The alternate methods are safe and natural. Hence, there is no risk in using them to overcome fear and anxiety.


It is quite common (and normal  to get tensed before the surgery. Everyone goes through the phase. The only thing is some people are unable to overcome it and need external help.

An expert doctor such as Dr Shailendra Patil uses his professional expertise to explain the risks associated with the surgery in a positive and motivating way. He makes the patient comfortable and boosts confidence.

Dr Shailendra Patil

Knee & Joint Replacement Surgeon

Orthopedic Consultant

Bone And Joint Care Clinic

Thane, Mulund, Navi Mumabi


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