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Pain in Spine: Which Diagnostic Test Do I Need?

We all know that our spine is responsible for supporting the entire body framework and maintaining a stability. It allows us to carry out a large range of activities such as bending, turning, twisting, running, or merely standing. However, it is natural for a person to encounter spinal pain every now and then. But do you know that extreme spinal pain can lead to disabling condition? Yes, it is true that spinal pain can deteriorate a person’s health to a great extent. In fact, spinal disorders have become one of the most common health issues these days affecting many people all over the world. It may restrict a patient to perform even everyday tasks independently. Therefore, early diagnosis and an apt treatment are crucial for retaining good spinal condition.

Pain in Spine

Diagnostic Tests for Spinal Pain

It is imperative to pay attention to spinal health for maximizing quality of life. If you are struggling with a sharp pain in spine from a long time (more than 3 weeks), you must consult a well-trained spine surgeon for an appropriate inspection. Your surgeon may order the enumerated spine evaluation tests to figure out the outright source behind your spinal pain.

  • Physical Health Examination - At first, your surgeon will most probably ask you for a complete medical report. It will let him/her get familiar with your current health status. Then, doctor may watch over the signs of nerve damage along with your muscular strength. They may use a hammer and pins to fulfill the purpose.
  • X-Ray Test - Your surgeons may ask you to undergo an x-ray scan. You might wonder what it is if you not have heard of this term before. Basically, it is an imaging test that can help a surgeon to carry out a thorough evaluation of internal parts of patient’s body. In simpler terms, x-ray scan is a test which will allow the doctor to clearly see your underlying spinal condition including your bones, spinal fluid, and tiny structures surrounding it.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging Test (MRI Scan) - Similar to the concept of x -ray scanning, an MRI procedure also involves production of images of internal spinal components. You just have to remove your accessories like a watch, ring, chain, necklace, and so on before you undergo this test.
  • Discogram - It is an advanced medical intervention which can give out a more precise report of your undiscovered spinal disorders. Unlike other diagnostic tests, a discogram test is invasive in nature. Your doctor will inject a specialized medical dye into your spinal column to find out root cause of your painful health condition. Normally, your respective doctor will take the help of an x-ray scanner to create appropriate images of entire spinal region. The dye can easily reflect the deteriorated areas.
  • Spinal Tap - Your doctor will insert a needle in your backbone for obtaining a sample of cerebrospinal fluid that covers entire space around your spine. This sample will be taken to a laboratory for determining any abnormality in your spine.

Where to Get Best Treatment for Spinal Pain?

It requires a high degree of precision to get a successful outcome following any type of treatment for spinal disorders. Spinal fusion surgery is a good option to get rid of intense back pain. You may consider visiting India to get best spinal fusion surgery because majority of Indian hospitals have a good track record of providing finest spine care to international patients. Furthermore, spine surgery cost in India is extremely less as compared to other renowned nations. You can heavily rely on this country for availing desired results and a faster recovery.

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