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Posture a fit back with spine surgery lumbar laminectomy

Spine surgery lumbar laminectomy is performed to relive effects of spine problems like spinal stenosis. Surgery is necessary to relieve pain of spinal cord due to compression. The removal of lamina from spine is the aim of laminectomy. Lamina is bone part in spine forming curve. The surgery removes spurs in the bone, which puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerve root causing back pain, weakness in legs, difficulty in controlling bladder movements, walking difficulty.

Spinal cord is the base to perform physical activities; small structural defect will also lead to big trouble. In case of spinal stenosis following are the reasons for the trouble

  • aging (the discs of the spine begin to shrink, while the bones and ligaments swell)
  • spine arthritis
  • congenital defect ( birth defects) such as abnormal spine growth.
  • Paget’s disease of bone (a condition in which bones grow improperly)
  • achondroplasia (dwarfism)
  • spine tumors
  • traumatic injury
  • herniated or slipped disc
  • accidents

This is complicated surgical process and need extreme care, skilled and experienced surgeons with deep knowledge performing surgeries. International level hospitals are located in India with state-of-art facilities, latest technological instruments and tools. The hospital consists of well trained staff members maintaining friendly environment and giving special nursing care according to the patient’s needs.  The cost of surgery in India will land a saving of about 50 % and travel to India is compensated by savings and an exotic vacation in beautiful place like India.

The rehabilitation visit for about a week will give more success to surgery as nursing is required to the patient which will be ignored at home.  Indian healthcare providers are leading in World now with global standards followed in Europe and America.  Expense for the identical procedure in western countries is higher compared with India’s cost providing state of art facilities. The hotels and travel expense is much less and one can save even after every expense traveling to India. The service quality is excellent and surgeons are highly educated in top hospitals.

Dheerajbojwani healthcare consultants are a group of medical tourism company offering treatment packages for treatment in India serving best quality support required in exotic land.  Our aim is to treat patient with comfort and satisfactory results. The safety of patient is company’s concern and also to provide genuine, cost-effective treatment.

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