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Back pain is one of the most common complaints of a pregnant woman. It’s natural since your body is going through so many changes - not only physically, but your hormone levels also change dramatically during this time. The muscles around your pelvis area relax while your back experiences extra pressure, hence the back pain. The pain occurs later in your pregnancy and usually ends after the delivery, but it may last a little longer in some women. It is, therefore, important to take care of your back during pregnancy.

The growing abdomen is the common cause of back pain since it changes the center of gravity and puts extra pressure on your spine and the lower back. The extra weight changes your body posture and adds more pressure on joints and muscles. That’s why your back might feel stiff and painful during the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Why Does it Need Care?

Taking care of your back during pregnancy will make your labor easier. It also reduces the risk of weight gain or any complications due to changes in posture after pregnancy. Women often feel back pain at the end of the day. So, if you take care of your back, chances are you will sleep better and wake up with a fresh and elevated mood. Sleep is really important for the mother, not only during pregnancy but in general. A painless back will improve your sleep, giving your body adequate rest.

You must have heard of people saying that some women glow during pregnancy. That, however, is not the case with everyone. Some ladies glow because of their confidence. Pregnancy can have a significant impact on you both physically and mentally. If you want to glow, you need to keep your body in good shape. This means taking care of your back, eating well, and getting adequate sleep at night.

How to Take Care of Your Back During Pregnancy?

If you are experiencing severe back pain, visit the best gynecologist in Thane. Do not take any random medicines or pain killers unless it is prescribed by a specialist. Here are a few things that can help relieve back pain:

Regular Exercise: You have limited control over your weight during pregnancy. So, the best you can do is practice exercises, yoga, meditation, and other physical activities to keep your back in good condition. It gives you a strong back, eliminating the pain.

Practice Right Posture: The common factor that contributes to back pain during pregnancy is the change in the center of gravity. To manage the weight of your abdomen, you may lean back. This strains your back muscles, causing back pain. So, keep your shoulders relaxed and always stand up straight.

Try Massage: A cold or hot back massage can do wonders for your strained muscles. Use a heating pad to relax your tender muscles and apply them gently to your back. It helps relieve the pain.

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