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Pride Go-Go Travel Mobility Scooters Show Superior On-Road Performance

Exploring the outer world even during the old days or despite suffering from the limited mobility issues is a blessing. Many people are dependent on their children or caretaker to see the outer world.  But not anymore. Take the advantage of travel mobility scooters and get around everywhere in the safest manner. Easy and comfortable to use, travel scooters are designed to offer a safe, stable and bumpy-free ride to old people. If a person expects on-the-go-lifestyle in their old days, he should rely on Pride Go-Go Travel mobility scooters.

Pride Mobility is one of the leading companies ruling the mobility vehicle market. The company has introduced several models of the travel scooter but Pride Go-Go series becomes the most sought-after. There are a wide range of scooters with peculiar features to suit individual needs. Whatever model a person will choose, comfort, safety and style will follow them everywhere!

Combining High Performance & Comfort

Pride Go-Go Travel Mobility Scooters come in both 3-wheel and 4-wheel configurations. The 3 wheel scooters are suitable to use indoors whereas 4 wheeler is ideal for outdoor usage. All the scooter models designed to deliver high performance on roads. Moreover, feather-touch disassembly ensures safe transportation and storage.  If any person is looking for folding scooter, Pride Mobility will not disappoint him/her. Reason being, it has launched Pride Go-Go Folding Scooter 4 Wheel with a folding frame. The scooter has become an instant hit amongst frequent travelers due to easy folding in simple 3 steps. Some other salient features of the folding scooter are:

  • It comes with an optional armrests for additional comfort
  • The ultra-bright LED headlight and rear light ensure good visibility during the night time Height-adjustable tiller for more personal fit
  • Easy access to levers
  • Weight holding capacity of 250 lbs
  • Runs up to 13 miles in a single charge at a speed of 4 MPH

Like all other models of Pride Mobility, purchasing Pride Go-Go Folding Scooter 4 Wheel is a value for money proposition. If you find it expensive, consider taking the scooter on a rental system based on your usage.


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