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Although tattoos were often associated with bikers, sailors and convicts and with rebellious and reckless people, nowadays the meaning and the association has changed. They are officially considered to be “the new normal”, and that they can actually help with people’s self-esteem a lot, they can indicate the good qualities about a person and they can even affect relationships.

Boost up your self-esteem!

In the recent studies made in Texas Tech University it was discovered that women who have four or more tattoos have the higher level of self-esteem than those who have less or even none. On the other hand, it was also found that some of them have even had some psychological problems such as suicide attempts. Our body and art which we choose can become a person’s identity, and it can even help us to hide the things which we don’t want to be seen.

Breast cancer

Getting tattooed can help with healing the emotional wounds. Breast cancer survivors can use tattoos and piercings to restore physical losses and they often tend to hide the pain and scars. The art that has been done is usually meaningful to the victims and it helps them to cope with the pain and loss better. Tattoos can even symbolize the new start and the beginning and it brings back hope. They have usually beautiful and positive signs, even colorful, and every tattoo has its own meaning and it represents the birth of a new life.


They are also one of the problems that everybody has to deal with. Scars from accidents, domestic abuse and self-harm are usually the ones we tend to forget. They are hidden so we can finally think positive about our bodies and try to move on with our lives. Doves, horses, roses, hearts, even religious tattoos can help us forget about the stuff that has happened and left a huge mark on our skin and on our lives. The art can represent freedom and they may become our “badge of honor”, showing that we are different person now, stronger and that we are fighters. A lot of best tattoo artists are very dedicated to their artwork and they do their best to hide scars and if you visit Australia you can get the best tattoo in Sydney in every shape and color you want.


You shouldn’t judge the book by its cover. Although some people find tattoos repellent and as if they are a sign of irresponsibility, rebellion and deviance, other find it pretty attractive, innovative, creative, mysterious and adventurous. A lot of different opportunities may occur in relationships if you are open to new experiences. You are likely to find a person who matches your personality and who can help you feel more appreciated and wanted. They are part of personal identification and people with similar body art and way of life may find each other to be soulmates. Also, men find women who have more tattoos to be more open sexually and dynamic in bed. On the other hand, too much body art may distract people and they may have an image of you as a person who is struggling with identity.

Express yourself

Extroverts tend to have larger and more colorful tattoos, as for the introverts they tend to have smaller, delicate tattoos which usually make quieter, simpler statements. For example, introverts like tattoos which are a famous quote from their favorite writer, armband (which can be fashionable and symbolic), dots, waves, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Roman numerals, heartbeat, etc. Extroverts like to be noticed more, and so they like bigger tattoos with different colors, in different shapes.

Tattoos are an important segment of our personality and they can help us overcome a lot of problems and obstacles. You shouldn’t worry what people say and if they are judging you or not, you just have to be focused on feeling good about yourself and you can do anything you want.

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