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Pursue Exceptional Outcomes of Liver Transplant with Dr. Subhash Gupta the Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in Delhi


A liver transplant is an operation that replaces an affected man or woman's diseased liver with a whole or partial healthy liver from every other person. Such surgeries have been done for over 38 years. Several people who have had liver transplants go on to lead perfectly normal lives.
The liver transplant operation in India

A liver transplant involves the elimination of and training of the donor liver, elimination of the diseased liver, and implantation of the new organ. For someone undergoing liver transplantation, the sequence of events in the operating room is as follows:

  • Incision
  • Evaluation of the abdomen for abnormalities that would preclude liver transplantation
  • Mobilization of the native liver 
  • Isolation of important structures
  • Transaction of the above mentioned structures and removal of the native, diseased liver.
  • Sewing in the new liver: First, venous blood flow is re-established by connecting the donor's and the recipient's inferior vena cava and portal veins. Subsequent, arterial go with the flow is re-installed by using sewing the donors and recipients hepatic arteries. Sooner or later, biliary drainage is finished through stitching the donor's and recipient's commonplace bile ducts.
  • Ensuring adequate control of bleeding
  • Closure of the incision

Dr. Subhash Gupta expert Liver specialists give patients the gift of life!

Dr. Subhash Gupta is the liver transplant surgeon at Max Healthcare, Delhi. The leader of hepato-pancreato-biliary healthcare professional and the director of the center of liver and biliary sciences at Max Hospitals in Delhi is accredited for his exceptional work in liver transplantation field all over the world. Dr. Subhash Gupta best liver transplant surgeon in Delhi is recognized the world over for pioneering and establishing liver transplantation in India, when he did the country’s first successful transplant to now, when he leads the country’s largest, and one of the world’s largest and most successful liver transplant programs in India. With over 3000 liver transplants underneath his belt, he have done extra than 2500 transplants in India. Dr. Subhash Gupta best liver transplant surgery specialist in Delhi currently performs 30 liver transplants a month with 95% success results which are at par with the world's best elsewhere. No wonder, he gets referrals from all over South Asia, Middle East, Far East and Africa, and has transplanted nearly 750 patients from these countries.

High survival rate for liver transplants more than 95% performed by Dr. Subhash Gupta best liver transplant surgeon in the world

Dr. Subhash Gupta desire to offer hope to those with terminal liver sickness through informing them that at a fraction of the value abroad, liver transplants in India are being done routinely by the Dr. Subhash Gupta at Max Healthcare Delhi, with results that match the best in the world. He offers 360 degree care in liver disease and transplantation, being equipped with the latest and the best in facilities. Dr. Subhash Gupta liver transplant specialist in India indeed does provide a multi-disciplinary, highly skilled state of-the-art service to patients, supported by cutting-edge medical technology and infrastructure.

Forerunners healthcare consultants’ advantages

Forerunners healthcare consultants combines sheer competencies and total dedication to ensure our clientele get a variety of medical services from free consultations to luxurious service treatment in India and for sure, it is our responsibility to provide you with free consultation via emails, teleconference with a physician to help you make informed decision before opting for treatment in any top–notch hospitals in India.

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Our Specialists will help offer answers and solutions to all your liver problems and suggest treatment schedules, number of appointments and ensure the best treatment, which means your trip will be well planned and fruitful. We ensure that your treatment is completed within the timeframe we decide before.

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Call at +91 - 9860755000.

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