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A liver transplant is an operation that replaces a affected person's diseased liver with a whole or partial healthy liver from any other individual. A liver transplant is an operation that replaces a patient's diseased liver with a whole or partial healthy liver from another person.

The Liver Transplant Operation in India

A liver transplant includes the removal of and practice of the donor liver, elimination of the diseased liver, and implantation of the new organ. The liver has numerous key connections that must be re-established for the new organ to obtain blood flow and to drain bile from the liver. The structures that must be reconnected are the inferior vena cava, the portal vein, the hepatic artery, and the bile duct. The exact method of connecting these structures varies depending on specific donor and anatomy or recipient anatomic issues and, in some cases, the recipient disease.

For someone undergoing liver transplantation, the sequence of activities in the operating room is as follows

  1. Incision
  2. Evaluation of the abdomen for abnormalities that would preclude liver transplantation (for example: undiagnosed infection or malignancy)
  3. Mobilization of the native liver (dissection of the liver attachments to the abdominal cavity)
  4. Isolation of important structures (the inferior vena cava above, behind, and below the liver; the portal vein; the common bile duct; the hepatic artery)
  5. Transection of the above mentioned structures and removal of the native, diseased liver. 
  6. Sewing in the new liver: First, venous blood flow is re-established by connecting the donor's and the recipient's inferior vena cava and portal veins.
  7. Subsequent, arterial glide is re-set up by stitching the donor's and recipients hepatic arteries. Sooner or later, biliary drainage is finished by means of sewing the donor's and recipient's commonplace bile ducts.
  8. Ensuring adequate control of bleeding
  9. Closure of the incision

Story of a woman who had liver transplant at just five days old reunites with his hero surgeon Dr. Mohamed Rela 20 years later

When Professor Mohamed Rela first set eyes on Baebhen Schutkke in 1997 she was only five days old – and on the brink of death. Baebhen, was born two weeks early at a Dublin maternity hospital, at first everything seemed all right, but a week before Baebhen was born they detected haemo¬chromatosis in blood tests. But Prof Rela had other ideas. A matching donor liver was ¬available right then where she was transferred in an incubator to London just as the liver of a ten-year-old boy who’d died in an accident became ¬available. So he took a pioneering clinical decision that would make Baebhen the youngest patient to receive a liver transplant. Prof Rela used micro surgery with image intensifying glasses to join up the tiny blood vessels of the donor organ to Baebhen’s circulation. This micro-surgery operation made headlines around the world.

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She has never suffered rejection episodes and that may be due to her immune system being not then fully developed so her body was able to accept the ‘foreign’ liver. She grew rapidly and was so well as a child you wouldn’t have known she’d once been close to death. Two decades later their reunion took place in the ward next to the theater where it all happened at London’s King’s College Hospital. Baebhen, a law student, said: “It has been so amazing to come back to where my life was saved all those years ago. It wouldn’t have been possible without the parents of a tragic boy donating his liver and the skills of Prof Rela and his team. Someone saved my life with their liver, so if anything happened to me I’d like to pass that liver to the next person in need”

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