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Recreational Scooter: A Perfect Mobility Solution for Restricted Mobility People

Recreational scooters are in vogue these days. These scooters have become a necessity for old age and limited mobility people for leading an active lifestyle. Companies like Golden Technologies, Pride Mobility, SmartScoot, etc., are coming up with different models of mobility scooters to meet the various needs of people. These vehicles are expensive than ordinary scooters owing to greater comfort and safety features. Thus, many people take these scooters on a rental basis from the well-known suppliers.

Some of the standard features of recreational mobility scooters are full LED lighting system, padded and comfortable seat, pneumatic black tires, front and rear spring suspension, control panel, ample leg room space, etc. But not all recreational scooters are meant for outdoor usage. It is recommended that if you prefer exploring outdoors with your friends and family members, go for a 4-wheel configuration as such models offer a stable and safe ride on all-terrains. The 3-wheel configuration is an ideal choice for indoor usage. Based on make and model, one scooter varies from another on the following grounds:

  • Folding system or disassembly
  • Weight Holding Capacity
  • Top Speed
  • Driving Range
  • Turning Radius
  • Charging Time

Regardless of the fact that a person is choosing 3-wheeler or 4-wheeler mobility scooter, it is important to follow certain guidelines to enjoy a safe trip. These guidelines are as follows:

  • Avoid taking scooters out during snowfall or rainfall. Avoid driving them in grass or gravel.
  • While crossing a sloping path, maintain the speed so that you need not to press the brake often. Repeated braking at a higher speed may result in tipping of the scooter.
  • Recreational scooters need to charge every time before planning an outdoor trip. This ensures you can enjoy outdoors for an extended time period.
  • Prefer parking the scooter in a shaded and dry area like basement.
  • Never exceed the weight holding capacity of a scooter.

Last but not the least, read the user manual carefully before planning your first trip on the scooter. So, you can rely on your recreational scooter for indefinite time period if you follow these instructions carefully.

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