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Regenerative Endodontic / Sports Injuries to Kids’ Teeth

Teeth injuries are fairly common in children, no matter their age – toddlers are more likely to fall, whereas teens’ injuries are often related to sports. If you want to know how to properly react and what to do if your child injures their teeth, make sure to stay with us and keep on reading. Here are some tips you may find useful.

What should I do when my child injures his or her tooth?

In case you didn’t know, about 50 percent of children are likely to have their teeth injured at least once during childhood. However, the good news is that many of these injuries are preventable, no matter if we’re talking about falls, fights with other kids, or injuries that occur during sports activities. The last ones mentioned are certainly the most frequent one, especially among older kids and teens, and you should know that a dislodged tooth is a dental emergency. Visiting your family dentist right away is highly recommended, particularly if a permanent tooth is chipped or broken. If one of these is knocked out, you should immediately find it – just be sure to hold it by the crown, not by the root. Never store it in tap water – a balanced salt solution would be a perfect choice, if you have it. If you don’t, place the tooth in your child’s saliva or a container of milk.

When should I seek help?

A permanent tooth has the best chance of survival if replaced within 15 minutes, so to think fast and call your dentist as soon as the injury occurs. However, if he or she can’t see you immediately, it’s okay to wait for up to one hour – just make sure to store the tooth in a container of cold milk. Bear in mind that about 85 percent of teeth which are put back into sockets within first 5 minutes are likely to survive, as compared to those which are stored dry and replaced after 1 hour. Older kids and teens can place the tooth right back in the socket on your way to the dentist. They should also bite down on gauze, to keep it safe and in place. On the other hand, chipped teeth can be bonded back to the tooth, provided that you find a missing chip. If your child isn’t in acute pain, it can wait up to 12 hours, until it’s properly evaluated. A thorough dental exam is what your child needs after any kind of tooth injury, and if the pulp is damaged or exposed after the fracture, you should know that root canal or regenerative endodontic treatment may be required. A consultation with your trusted dentist in Baulkham Hills is exactly what you need – this place provides amazing expert supervision and you can expect excellent outcomes, thanks to its experienced staff, so be sure to contact them in case of an injury.

What is regenerative endodontic treatment?

Basically, regenerative endodontic treatment is one of the most ground-breaking treatments in the field of dentistry right now. It uses the concept of tissue engineering to restore the root canals to a healthy state, without stopping the development of root. This treatment also won’t harm the surrounding tissues, which makes it one of the most wanted treatments these days. What makes it particularly interesting is the fact that it can replace damaged structures and regain functionality in infected and necrotic root canal systems, which really gives us hope that literally any tooth injury can be successfully treated and repaired.


As you can see, tooth injuries most commonly occur during some sports activities, especially when talking about slightly older kids and teens. All you should do is to remain calm, find a missing chip or permanent tooth, store it properly according to our guidelines, and call your dentist ASAP. Once that’s done, your child’s tooth will have a great chance to survive!


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