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Risk of Health Problems during Pregnancy! Who Can be at Risk?

Health risks are quite common in pregnancies. Every pregnant woman experiences some health issues at some point during their pregnancy, and it is absolutely normal. However, the small issues turn into serious health problems in no time. It is, therefore, important that you take care of your health to avoid such risks.

Your age, health status, and the medications you are currently taking are a few factors that can have a big impact on your chances of complications during pregnancy. The gynecologist in Thane West Ghodbunder Road may help offer the best prenatal care solutions. Let’s take a look at the few health risks associated with pregnancies.

Women Under 20

Pregnancies in teenage years happen to be more complicated than the same in women in their early or late 20s. Teenage girls are also likely to suffer from complications during the first and last trimester. The common issues teenage moms experience are:

  • Premature delivery
  • Hypertension
  • Preeclampsia
  • And, low-weight babies

The body of women is in a growing phase during teenage years and it may not develop properly until the early 20s. Due to the underdeveloped pelvis, women might face issues during delivery. Research shows that young women have poor dietary habits. Poor eating habits could put excess pressure on the body. This increases the risk of pregnancy complications for the woman and the baby.

Another common issue the ladies tend to face in teenage pregnancy is hypertension. This also happens to be the leading cause of premature labor, which may result in premature labor. If the baby is born premature, there is a good chance it will be underweight, meaning it will require special care.

Pregnancy in Women Above 35-40

Women are at their most fertile age in their early and late 20s. The chances of conceiving a child are quite low when a woman crosses 35. The older you get, the lesser the chances you will have a problem-free pregnancy. And, that’s not solely because of age. But, there are a few factors that may affect the chances of older women getting pregnant or having a successful delivery. For example,

Older ladies are at high risk of cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and other such health problems that may create complications in the pregnancy. If these health conditions are not treated, they may cause birth defects and delivery complications.

Fortunately, there are many fertility specialists in Thane that can develop the best prenatal care program for you. If research is to be believed, then the chances of miscarriage are quite high in women above 35. Experts believe that it is due to the range of medical conditions a woman develops as she reaches the late 30s.

If you are facing any pregnancy-related complications, visit the best maternity clinic in Vartak Nagar Thane and get your issue diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. You can find the list of the best gynecologists in Thane East online.


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