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Heart is one of our critical organs in our body. It requires a good care, which, however, can be seen with issues with other conditions in place. Fortunately, all the heart ailments have solution in the form of cardiac surgeries that help people to escape from the death due to heart ailments. There could be various problems in the heart and one such problem is the damage or disorder in mitral valve, which can prevent the same to function properly. Such issues can be sorted out with a mitral valve repair or replacement. Of late, with advancements in cardiac care, robotic mitral valve repair can be carried out with the help of robotic techniques as well. India ranks high when it comes to catering high quality healthcare services, which certainly include the services of heart care. Robotic mitral valve repair surgery in India comes with the best quality and affordability. Thanks to best healthcare infrastructure which makes all the difference. Now, have a look at the Robotic Mitral Valve Repair as under:

What is Robotic Mitral valve Repair?

Mitral valve repair surgery can be carried out in order to fix the leaking of mitral valve, which a condition called mitral regurgitation that can cause issues like heart failure. When it comes to robotic mitral valve repair surgery, it is regarded as the minimally invasive surgery, which involves a number of benefits that are hard to find out with other traditional options. This procedure is known to offer high quality and long term outcomes in terms of securing heart function and longevity and use of da vinci for mitral valve repair can offer you additional benefits, which you may not get with the traditional open surgery option.

Robotic Mitral valve Repair Procedure

During the mitral valve surgery, the surgeon often gets an undistorted 3D view of the mitral valve even when the doctors have high powered camera and lateral thoracic approach. However, this is not the case with robotic approach as it uses the control instruments that are attached to thin and robotic arms. The hands control of surgeon and the movement along with the placement of the instruments are set right. The robotic arm and wrist movements then mimic the surgeon’s hand in order to help the surgeon to follow the same steps unlike the traditional mitral valve surgery including the different variety of repair techniques and mitral valve replacement. Traditionally, the open chest surgeries like the mitral and tricuspid valve surgery and the bypass surgery involves placing the patient with heart lung bypass machine that helps in circulating the oxygenated blood during the procedure creating 6-8 inch incision via the sternum spreading the ribs in order to have a look at the heart and stopping the heart in order to make the blood vessels stable.

Benefits Robotic Mitral valve Repair

When it comes to Robotic Mitral valve Repair Procedure, one can reap a number of benefits, which are as discussed:

  • The small size incisions with minimal scarring
  • Fewer traumas to the patient including less pain
  • You get shorter hospital stay
  • Low use of pain medications
  • Less amount of bleeding
  • Decreased risk of infection

Robotic Mitral valve Repair in India

Since past one decade of so Indian medical tourism seems to have started gearing up bringing home the global patients from all across the world for high quality healthcare services at much affordable cost. You can find India to be one of the world leaders in developing some of the best minimally-invasive approaches for mitral valve repair surgery seeking robotics. Day in and day out you can find the Indian hospitals carrying out therobotic mitral valve repair procedures than any other countries’ hospitals as it is known to have one of the best and top ratedcardiac and medical centers in the nation that caters top notch robotic mitral valve repair. The Indian robotic surgical team is simply the best comprising of top cardiac surgeons and experts who are leaders in the development of minimally-invasive mitral valve repair procedures.

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