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Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Surgery In Mumbai Changed All In Life Of Abbas Sabbagh of Dubai

When Abbas Sabbagh of Dubai was diagnosed with prostate cancer, it got memories of his father, who two decades ago had lost his life to the disease. Abbas assumed that he also had the same destiny. After seeking the recommendation of relatives and friends, he decided to place his care in the hands of best urology surgeon in Mumbai. As an end result, hope returned and his outlook changed.

Due to the current controversy about PSA testing, Abbas’s primary care physician gave him the choice of now not having his PSA examined as part of his routine examination. Scared of receiving bad news, Abbas declined a PSA test, a decision he got here to regret. Few years later, a new primary care physician did not give him the same option, and blood tests revealed his PSA was elevated. He was sent to cancer hospital in Dubai in which more assessments and a biopsy showed that Abbas had high-grade prostate cancer that means it was probable to develop and spread, however it was localized to the prostate. Abbas described the following couple of days as a fog of tests and meeting many urologists but was not satisfied.

Then he started his own research while looking for some of the good urology hospitals, he came to know that Mumbai is one of the most visited places for medical treatment as it provides high-quality treatment. While looking for the top urologists in Mumbai, he came to know about Tour2india4health consultant. After reading a little more, he realized that it can help him make his journey to Mumbai, India smoother and easier. He posted a query on the website and in a short while, he received a call back from one of the case managers, who helped Abbas with a list of best urology surgeon in Mumbai and their opinions regarding the treatment. He also helped him with an estimate quote. Shortly, Abbas was able to decide that he wanted to visit Mumbai for his prostate cancer treatment.

The case manager made all the arrangements from the hospital and another team member assisted him in the visa application. Abbas received his medical visa to India. He reached India and was received from the airport and taken to the hotel, which was already arranged as per his preferences. Soon, his appointment was fixed with one of the top urologists in Mumbai. During the appointment “The surgeon was amazing and answered all of my questions, some I didn’t even know I had,” Abbas explained. “He insisted on talking with my wife to reassure her and answer all her questions as well. This significantly reduced the level of strain and anxiety at home.”

With his robotic radical prostatectomy surgery scheduled, and treatment plan in place,best urology surgeon in Mumbai operated and removed his cancerous prostate gland; Abbas had for the most part resumed ordinary activities. “It was an extraordinary experience in than what my father went through 20 years ago,” Abbas explained. “He was in a lot of ache and his restoration was slow, it was hard seeing him like that. It is remarkable that now they're able to perform such a high level of surgical operation with such minimal side effects and pain.” Abbas recovered well and today he don not face any sort of side effects. He contributes this to the skills with which top urologists in Mumbai performed the surgery, and the support he received from the entire tour2india4health team.

“The staff at tour2india4health became like friends to me during my trip in India. I felt lucky to have such an exquisite prognosis and to be able to continue to stay a healthy and energetic life with my dignity intact,”

Abbas said. “For everyone dealing with a comparable prognosis I cannot say how essential it is to fins the best urologists that you can trust, and treat you right. Regardless of all that I have been through, I am happy to be alive. I’m cancer free today.

Thank You!!!

Abbas Sabbagh

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