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Should You Have Joint Replacement Surgery?

The joint replacement surgery is removing a damaged joint by replacing it with a new one. The joint replacement surgeon in Delhi may suggest a joint replacement for improving how you live and it will help to relieve pain and move and feel better. Over 300,000 people have undergone joint replacement surgery from Dr. IPS Oberoi Best joint replacement surgeon Delhi India. Around 90% feel better and can get back to normal activities within months or even weeks post surgery. But does it mean that the surgery is right for everyone.

When to Consider It?

You should consider the surgery from joint replacement surgeon in Delhi when you have tried simpler things along the way but it didn’t work well for you. These includes the anti-inflammatory drugs such as cortisone shots, inbuprofen or naproxen, crutches or walkers and physical therapy. The deformities are red flags for Dr. IPS Oberoi Best Joint Replacement Surgeon Delhi India and will recommend you to do a favour by not waiting as the deformity may get worse and will be harder to fix it.

If walking, climbing stairs or doing other routine things you get hurt then its a sign you need a new joint. If your hip aches at night or even when you are resting and the constant pain affects your mood and daily activities, then its time to talk about surgery with your joint replacement surgeon in Delhi. Hence, consider surgery when you are unable to do things you need to do and you can’t live your life.

When You Should Think Twice

Sometimes the joint replacement surgery may not be the best choice. Take care of any recent infections such as in your teeth or gum before the operation. If you have a history of lung or heart problems, blood clots or diabetes you may have more trouble afterward. Dr. IPS Oberoi Best joint replacement surgeon Delhi India will want to control other health issues before operation and may suggest you to quit smoking and lose weight. If you aren’t surgery if the joint is causing trouble then you shouldn’t have surgery.

Are You Ready?

You won’t be able to move around easily or drive for several weeks after you get the joint replacement surgery. Hence you’ll need folks to pitch in with chores and errands. Help post surgery is a big deal and it’s hard for patients living alone to immediately get back home without anyone to help them and check on them. Consider your lifestyle before getting ready to undergo surgery from the joint replacement surgeon in Delhi. Limit a few high-impact activities but keep moving and eat healthy to stay in good shape.

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