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Signs, Symptoms & Treatment of Nasopharyngeal Cancer

Nasopharyngeal cancer is a cancerous growth which occurs within the nasopharynx region that is located behind nose & above the back of throat. This type of cancer is found to occur far more frequently in South Asia & is quite difficult to detect in early stages since examinations are quite difficult & symptoms quite often mimic other conditions which are more common. Nasopharyngeal cancer treatment normally involves chemotherapy & radiation therapy or a combination of both in several cases. Patients can however discuss with the doctors in order to determine as to which is the right nasopharyngeal cancer treatment approach in individual cases.  Signs & Symptoms of Nasopharyngeal Cancer

There may not be any signs & symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer in early stages. However, signs & symptoms in advanced cases may include the following.

  • Blood in saliva
  • Bloody discharge from nose
  • Lump in neck caused due to swollen lymph node
  • Headaches
  • Nasal congestion
  • Frequent ear infections
  • Loss of hearing

Nasopharyngeal Cancer Treatment Options

Nasopharyngeal cancer treatment plans are typically based upon several factors including treatment goals, stage of cancer, overall health of patients & the side effects which they are able to tolerate. Nasopharyngeal cancer treatments usually start with radiation therapy alone or in combination with chemotherapy.

  • Radiation Therapy as Nasopharyngeal Cancer Treatment

Radiation therapy as nasopharyngeal cancer treatment utilizes high-power energy beams like protons or x-rays in order to destroy cancer cells. Radiation therapy may be the only nasopharyngeal cancer treatment required for patients who are having small size tumors. However, side effects of radiation therapy may include dry mouth, temporary redness of skin & loss of hearing. Brachytherapy, which is another type of internal radiation therapy involving planting radioactive seeds or wires near the tumor are sometimes utilized, especially for recurrent nasopharyngeal cancers.


  • Chemotherapy as Nasopharyngeal Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy as nasopharyngeal cancer treatment involves using specialized drugs in order to destroy cancerous cells. Administered orally or through a vein, chemotherapy as nasopharyngeal cancer treatment can be applied in the following three ways.

  • Chemotherapy at the Same Time with Radiation Therapy – Nasopharyngeal cancer treatment enhances effectiveness when both these treatments are combined. Also known as Chemoradiation or Concomitant Therapy, side effects of this type of nasopharyngeal cancer treatment are eventually added to radiation therapy & which may therefore make it more difficult for the patient to tolerate.
  • Chemotherapy Following Radiation Therapy – This nasopharyngeal cancer treatment method is used for attacking remaining cancerous cells in the patient’s body following radiation treatment. Additional chemotherapy is meant to destroy cancerous cells which have broken off from the original tumor & spread to other parts of the body.
  • Chemotherapy before Radiation Therapy – Also known as neoadjuvant chemotherapy, this type of nasopharyngeal cancer treatment is given to patients in order to improve survival rates.


  • Surgery as Nasopharyngeal Cancer Treatment

Surgery as nasopharyngeal cancer treatment is rarely used for patients. However, surgery may in cases be employed for removal of cancerous lymph nodes in neck. Moreover, in certain rare instances surgery is also utilized in removing tumor from nasopharynx region. Access to this area is made through mouth for cancerous tissue from nasopharynx area.

Affordable Nasopharyngeal Cancer Treatment in India

Nasopharyngeal cancer treatment in India is of top quality which is at par with the best in the world. Apart from high standard of procedures, nasopharyngeal cancer treatment cost in India is also alluring to international patients since it just takes a fraction of the associated costs they would have ended up paying by undergoing procedures in the developed Western countries. It would therefore be sensible of cancer patients around the world to undergo nasopharyngeal cancer treatment in India if they were willing to travel to other countries for healthcare solutions. 

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