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Spine Surgery Benefits in India for Health Recovery

Nearly 3 million people suffer from back pain and spine trauma each year. Such patients can get spine surgery benefits in India like affordable cost and access to the most qualified surgeons. The spines are the basic pillars of our body and any interruption in its functionality might deter our health in many ways. Spine surgery in India is being done at numerous hospitals with a vast acclaim for maximum success rate at the hands of expert panels of surgeons. Dheeraj Bojwani Health Consultants is a health tourism company in India that offers easy access to the most qualified spine surgeons in India at affordable rates.

Spine surgery is a minimally invasive procedure of pain management in which a specially trained surgeon uses surgical tools to make incisions for repairing the damaged spinal tissues. In other words Spine surgery of the back or neck, can be identified as an advanced treatment alternative for disability and pain caused through an identifiable lesion in the anatomy of a patient that has not got improved through non-surgical treatments. Although arthritis of the spine seems to be chronic, its symptoms are rarely progressive and hardly need surgery on the painful joints of the spine.

Surgery should always be the last option when it comes to curing spine diseases in the neck and back. However, if you have undergone all the non surgical treatments without improvement or worsening over a period of 6-12 months, then you can become an eligible candidate for a spine surgery for certain specific conditions like, sciatica, spinal stenosis, degenerative scoliosis and spondylolisthesis. Your decision to get the spine surgery should be individualized to yourself and the disease symptoms, along with the level of their function.

The surgeon's medical assistant or nurse offers the patient with set instructions that are to be followed before the surgery. Instructions include how to make arrangement of the home for post-operative care, planning for the patient's needs of transportation, special information about using medicines, to keep valuable items at home, a reminder of not to drink or eat anything on the evening before surgery, and what time to be reported to the surgeon.

The patient's pre-surgical nurse makes a formal verification of the patient's name, type of surgery to be performed, and makes a review of their medical history including allergies. An intravenous line (IV) is commenced. Different kinds of essential medicines are injected through the IV into the bloodstream of the patient. Light sedating medicines might also be administered to the patient through the IV. Some patients become so much relaxed that they do not remember that they have to be taken to the operating room.

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Dheeraj Bojwani Health Consultants is the most trustworthy health tourism company that offers minimally invasive spine surgery to abroad patients at a minimal cost.

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