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Tanzanian Patients Gets A New Lease Of Life from Heart Failure Surgery India

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“Hello, I am Samantha from Tanzania. I can tell you that having a Heart Failure Surgery India proved extremely beneficial for my husband, Dominic. When it comes a having a Heart surgery, the right kind of infrastructure is very necessary, and this was proved right by India.”

“My husband had been suffering from different health issues because of being obese and although he had been trying to get rid of the excess weight, it was not proving worthwhile. Even the Cardiac issues that he has been facing, he didn’t take them seriously and obviously the situation worsened. He started suffering from breathing difficulties, slight chest pain and other such symptoms started showing. He wasn’t even able to carry our daughter for a long time. I was getting very worried and pushed him to visit a doctor at the earliest. At the age of 39, my husband was diagnosed with Heart Failure; his Heart was enlarged and wasn’t pumping aptly. The test results were shocking and got us even more worried.”

“The doctor suggested that the only solution was a Heart Transplant. Belonging to a not so developed country like Tanzania, I was completely fumbled about how to go ahead. Another factor that bogged me down was the expenses, because Heart Transplant is one of the most advanced procedures, as I was told. Since it was not possible in Tanzania, I looked over the internet for more suitable options in other countries, which are famous for medical tourism and the country that appeared at the top of the list was India. I searched for some more options in India from where I could get more help and I came across Indian Health Guru Consultants. The group’s website has several services, which are extremely patient-friendly. Going through the patient testimonials helped me further take my decision and I sent them an email mentioning my urgency.”

“I was very surprised to see how spontaneous I got a reply from them with all the relevant details and the packages. The price difference between India and other countries was huge, which was a bonus for me, the cost being a big concern. Also, considering my emergency, they requested for my husband’s medical reports so that they could get it evaluated by a Heart specialist. As soon as, they confirmed everything, I got everything ready from my end and very soon I was on my way to Delhi, India with my husband for his Heart Failure Surgery India.

“On my arrival at the Delhi airport, the representative of Indian Health Guru was there to receive us. As my husband’s condition was not suitable, the group even arranged for an ambulance pick up, which was the great support. He was driven straight to the hospital, which is one of the most reputed ones in India; especially for Heart patients. I felt very good on entering the hospital as the ambiance looked very polished and sophisticated. It was a relief for me that his surgery was planned here. The representative took me to meet the surgeon and the surgeon very patiently listened to all my queries and answered them. Not only the surgeon and his team arranged everything related to the procedure but also accelerated the whole process.”

“The highly intricate surgery was handled very fluently by the surgeon and his team. The post-surgery rehabilitation period was very comfortable for Dominic and the surgeon ensured that he was at his comfortable best. The surgeon also counseled him about quitting smoking and also being careful about his weight. The recovery was breezy for my husband and within a few weeks, the surgeon gave a nod that he could travel. As a part of the follow-up, there were some more tests that were conducted, and the results were very satisfactory. The representative of Indian Health Guru ensured that we didn’t face any hiccups throughout our medical tour and also followed up till we reached home safe and sound. It’s been quite a few months since the surgery and my husband hasn’t faced any complications and can handle a lot of activities very comfortably. This is all because of the Heart surgeon’s expertise and the unconditional support from Indian Health Guru Consultants.”

Thank You,

Samantha from Tanzania.

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