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The Secrets To Finding World Class Tools For Your Minimally Invasive Versus Traditional Replacement Procedures Quickly

Every surgical procedure has its importance whether it is conventional invasive surgery or modern minimally invasive procedures.

When the Best Knee Arthroscopic Surgery Doctor in Mulund evaluates a case, he considers all the aspects before suggesting a method. The pros and cons are studied before arriving at a decision.

According to the renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Shailendra Patil, the minimally invasive procedure is relatively new.

Hence, a lot of data is still required to find out whether it is better or worse than the conventional methods.

To make an informed choice, doctors refer to the cases they treated earlier. Based on the available information, they decide which one to choose.

The minimal invasive anatomical hip replacement surgery cost in Thane is more than the traditional method. Hence, it is an important selection criterion.

A comparative study of minimally invasive versus traditional hip replacement

A Bone And Joint Care Clinic offers both types of surgeries. In a typical situation, here goes the comparison.


In the conventional method, it is 10 to 12 inches whereas in minimally invasive surgery it is three to six inches.


The conventional method is time-tested. The surgeons can do fitting and alignment with a great convenience. The post-surgical complications are minimal.

The minimally invasive surgery, on the other hand, causes less post-operative discomfort. The scar is small, and the stay in the hospitable is also minimal. It causes less damage to the surrounding tissues.


The traditional method causes more damage to the surrounding tissues and muscles. The scar is longer. More hospital stay is required, and the recovery is slow.

The minimally invasive surgery offers a limited view to the surgeon. Hence, the effectiveness of the procedure largely depends on the skill of the surgeon. A higher possibility of misalignment of the hip component. Sometimes, the skin and soft tissues get damaged.

In the best Orthopaedic clinic in Mumbai,doctors ensure that utmost precaution is taken to avoid any infection.

Pain management post-surgery

Once doctors performs Best Knee Arthroscopic Surgery in Mulund, the next important thing is pain management.

Since the scar is quite significant in the conventional surgery, managing pain is more significant issue. Dr. Shailendra Patil says that the operation is performed to reduce the pain caused by arthritis. However, in some cases, the pain is worse after surgery.

Of course, it is a temporary pain, and it is possible to get rid of it after healing and rehabilitation. By performing the rehabilitation exercises, the pain can be brought under control. An expert physiotherapist and the Best Knee Arthroscopic Surgery Doctor in Mulund himself participate in the discussion process.

Looking at the age, physical fitness, and willingness of the patient; exercises are suggested. These exercises are extremely helpful in the reduction of scar tissue, increase in the range of motion, and likelihood of a fast recovery.

Doctors say that the selection of a Bone And Joint Care Clinic shouldn’t be solely based on the hip replacement surgery cost in Mumbai. The quality of surgery and post-operative care are vitally important.

The best Orthopaedic clinic in Mumbai offers excellent infrastructure, expert doctors, and skilled support staff.  Doctors are supportive and friendly. They boost the morale of the patient and encourage.

With the help of all, patients not only recover fast but also gain mobility immediately.

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