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Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery Is Preferred Because It Regains The Flexibility And Motion

Total Shoulder Arthroplasty or popularly known as Total Shoulder Replacement is a popular and successful procedure that cures stiffness and severe pain caused due to degenerative joint disease and various types of arthritis.

It restores the motion and regains the strength. It reduces pain and brings back the functionality. After shoulder replacement surgery, the activity levels return to almost normal levels.

People can return to sports activities such as Golf, tennis, swimming, etc. After three months of surgery, most of the patients feel great comfort. There may be some weakness, but it also restores normally.

After six months, the motion and strength return to 70 normal and no pain is felt. It makes shoulder replacement surgery a popular process.

After one year, almost 95 percent patients do not feel any pain at all. No significant strength limitations are observed, and there is not even an occasional pain.

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The surgical process

Total shoulder replacement surgery starts by separating the pectoral muscles and deltoid muscles. It exposes the nerve-free area of the shoulder so that the nerve damage is minimal.

The rotator cuff is opened by cutting the front rotator cuff muscles. It allows the surgeons to look into the shoulder area. Opening the rotator cuff allows the surgeons to manipulate the arthritic parts of the ball and socket.

When the arthritic sections are removed, implant socket, stem components, and ball are inserted. The rotator cuff muscle is closed and stitched.

After surgery, incisions are stitched and cleaned. The bandage is applied to cover the area.

What implant materials are used?

Different varieties of implants are available. The best suitable one is used for anatomic shoulder replacement.

The implant consists of a metal ball that rests on a polyurethane socket. Since the goal of shoulder replacement is to replace the arthritic humeral head with the metal ball attached to the stem, accuracy plays a pivotal role in the success of the surgery.

The stem extends down inside the upper arm bone. A plastic socket is placed over the surface of the glenoid in the arm.

In the reverse shoulder replacement surgery, the metal and plastic components are reversed. The metal ball is attached to the natural socket of the shoulder. The plastic socket is attached to the upper humerus.

To make the fixation immediate, the plastic socket is cemented to the surrounding bones. The prostheses feature stems promote natural bone growth,

Rehabilitation and recovery after total shoulder replacement

Patients wake up in the recovery room after the surgery with the arm resting in a removable arm sling. There is a pain in the arm, but it is quite lesser than the pain experienced before the surgery. Arthritic pain is absent after the shoulder replacement surgical process.

To help the fast healing of the tendons, sling immobilization is enforced.

Physical therapy is suggested right from the next day of the surgery. The extent of exercise is based on the stability and motion of the implant.

As the physical therapy starts, the mobility of the shoulder improves. The use of the whole arm begins after six to eight weeks of the surgery, and active use begins after ten to twelve weeks.

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