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Treat Neurological Conditions by Best Neurosurgery Hospitals in India

Introduction of top neurosurgeons of India

India is not short of top neurosurgeons. These medical professionals are highly skilled doctors with ample of experience in handing a wide range of neurosurgeries. They are knowledgeable and highly qualified from prestigious institutions and medical centres based in the developed nations of the western world. To name a few, Dr. Arun Saroha is highly skilled and expert neurosurgeon in India who is known for specializing both brain and spine surgeries. In his career of few decades, he has successfully accomplished a number of brain surgeries. Similarly, Dr. Rana Patir fro Delhi is a known neurosurgeons in the north with total experience of 23 years. You can call to be an institution in him when you talk about treating brain tumour. Also, Dr. Sandeep Vaishya is one of the top neurosurgeons in India who specialises in both spine and brain tumour surgeries.

Modern Neurosurgery hospitals in India

A majority of neuro-hospitals in India have all the major and simple neurosurgical services including operating a couple of head injuries to flushing out the cancerous brain tumours.  These hospitals are backed with one of the most competitive resident and visiting highly experienced and skilled neurosurgeons who all need both simple and complex high end surgeries to operate a wide range of neurological disorders and diseases found among the patients. To name a few, the patients with brain tumours, aneurysm surgery and any complex kind of surgeries that need very precise equipments including Cusa, Microscopes and Brain Suite can be accomplished with smarter results and ease. These hospitals are equipped with high end facilities that come along with state of art facilities.

What should you expect of your Neurosurgeon?

You can expect a comprehensive and expert care being a patient with brain issues. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the neurosurgeon makes the patient free from the diseases causing several medical ailments in our brain. Every patient is treated with their individual requirement having a personalized approach in order to address the patient’s physical, emotional and other requirements backed with coordinated and compassionate fashion. To put in nutshell, you can expect your neurosurgeon to fix your neurological disorder with utter professionalism and care.

Hospital Facility in best neurosurgery hospitals in India

The list of facilities in the top and best neurosurgery hospitals in India is long. Thanks to the inclusion of modern research and technology based amenities and infrastructure that facilitate one of the best treatment options. The hospitals are armed with high end operating theatres that are equipped with advanced intra operative computerized tomography and MRI machines. These are designed for both endovascular and open neurosurgery. These hospitals focus to add innovative equipments and machines, which extend and enhance medical care and find high quality solutions for the patients suffering from brain ailments.

These hospitals are known for the following elements:

  • World class Infrastructure
  • Committed Neurosurgical and Neuro-Anaesthesia Team
  • High end Diagnostic centres
  • High end operating rooms
  • The highly advanced Intensive Care Units

Achievement Of best neurosurgeon in India

The neurosurgeons in India are known to operate medical ailments with some of the most advanced technology systems. They are seen using high end image guided management system that helps in finding an enhanced perspective on several complex brain surgeries. The Indian neurosurgeons are known to have expertise in Computer Assisted Brain Surgery, Awake Brain Surgery, stereotactic radiosurgery, Deep Brain Stimulation or DBS and a number of complex surgical procedures pertaining to brain and nervous systems. They are employed at one of the leading Brain Surgery Centres/hospitals all across the world. The team comprises of multi-disciplinary team of competent doctors having neurologists, neuroradiologists, neuro-oncologists, orthopaedicsurgeons etc that helps in fixing a number of medical conditions.

List of top hospitals in India for neurosurgery

The list of Best neurosurgery Hospitals in India, however, some of the known groups are as under:

  • Max Healthcare For Neurology
  • Fortis Hospitals for Neurology
  • Manipal Hospital for Neurology
  • P.D Hinduja Hospital for Neurology
  • Breach Candy Hospitals
  • Lilavati Hospital
  • Jaslok, Sterling Hospital
  • SAL hospital
  • Wockhardt Hospital Kolkata   
best neurosurgery hospitals in india

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