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Treat Your Spine Issues with Low Cost Endoscopic Spine Surgery in India.


Endoscopic spine surgery in India refers to using specialized video cameras and instruments that pass through the small incisions into the chest, joint or abdominal cavities to perform the surgery. It provides the surgeon the ability to treat a number of back or spinal injuries with as little damage to the tissues surrounding the areas. Endoscopic surgery in India results into less blood loss and lower rates of complications since this type of surgery only needs small incisions and there is less scarring.

Best endoscopic spine surgery in India

The best endoscopic spine surgery will reduce the spina trauma, prevent iatrogenic problems by preserving the spinal segmental motion and stability. The benefits of endoscopic spine surgery in India over the open surgery are small incisions, less postoperative pain, less tissue trauma, minimal blood loos, quicker recovery and easier return to normal work routine. These procedures are performed for the successful surgical treatments of herniated extruded protruded or degenerative discs spine issues, lumbar and cervical disc herniation when the traditional spine treatments fail to provide positive post surgery results.The endoscopic spine surgery has been employed predominantly for treating the lateral spinal canal and the foraminal stenosis with radicular symptoms, the lumbar, thoracic and cervical disc herniation with radicular symptoms and the degenerative facet joint cysts with radicular symptoms.

Benefits of Endoscopic Spine Surgery in India

The endoscopic spine surgery in India benefits include the following:

  1. Minimal blood loss
  2. Smaller incisions and less tissue trauma
  3. Easier operative approach in obese patients
  4. Quick return to activities and work post surgery
  5. Less postoperative pain medication is required in most cases
  6. Local or regional anesthesia combined with the conscious sedation
  7. Outpatient procedures are possible


India has emerges as a new medical hub for back treatment through different procedures such as the best endoscopic spine surgery in India. At Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants, we provide access to the international patients for the internationally accredited surgical facilities in India for the endoscopic spine surgery. Indian spine surgery hospitals offer a wide range of premium healthcare services at the most affordable costs compared to that offered in the Western nationals.

Endoscopic spine surgery in India is done by the high profile medical team with the world class surgeons having immense experience. The orthopedic surgeons in India have high quality; training and specialization in performing the surgery as well the medical staff in India will contribute to being a worldwide reference to all the medical procedures. We have association with the best equipped hospitals and highly skilled and qualified surgeons in India offers the most affordable endoscopic spine surgery in India.

Each year, more than thousands of international patients travel down to India for various medical treatments as well the endoscopic spine surgery in India. Our network hospitals are located all over the country and with the presence of the most advanced medical centers and hospitals in the world we deliver the highest quality medical services and treatments.

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India provide the endoscopic spine surgery in India at a mere fraction of the cost and there are no long and un-reliable waiting lists in India comparable to the developed countries. The cost difference for endoscopic spine surgery in India is 60 to 80 percent less compared to the cost in the USA. Send us your inquiry by filling up the free consultation form on our website to know more about the best endoscopic spine surgery in India at low cost.

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