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Ultra lightweight Manual Wheelchairs with Folding and Non-Folding Mechanism

Immobility or non-movement is one of the biggest fears of a person as he ages. Some people who are dependent on other family members to lead an active lifestyle, they should consider using manual wheelchairs. These mobility devices allow them to remain socially active and enjoy a carefree life with freedom of movement. Different styles of wheelchairs are available in the market, however park your money with ultra lightweight wheelchair if you are physically weak.

As the name indicates, these manual wheelchairs are made with ultra lightweight materials like titanium due to which they weigh less than 20 lbs. Comfortable to use both indoors and outdoors, the weight holding capacity of these chairs varies from 250 to 300 lbs. They are ideal to use by those people who are physically weak or have low upper body strength.

Different Styles of Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchairs

Rigid Wheelchairs: These wheelchairs are ideal for those users who want to operate them indoors. These wheelchairs have fewer moving parts and with a simple push, they move in a forward direction. Though they are light in weight, they require a large space for safe storage due to non-folding nature.

Folding Wheelchairs: If a person is looking for a portable option, then ultra lightweight chairs with a folding frame are the best. Their frames are easy to fold in a few steps making them a compact unit. They are ideal to store in small spaces or place inside the trunks of cars and SUV’s. These wheelchairs have some of the advanced features like height adjustable seat, elevated footrests, removable padded armrests, etc.

Amongst different models of manual wheelchairs, ultra lightweight manual wheelchairs are the most expensive. Thus, a person can consider taking these chairs on rent instead of buying. There are many online stores in America dealing with assistive mobility devices and offering them on a rental basis. So, interested people can contact them and place their orders online.

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