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Once of the Latest Advancement in Hip Replacement with special implants like short stem(C.F.P.) and TOP cup.

Finally a Hip implant for Young & Active patients.
Patient gets the feel of a Natural Hip, as it Mimics Natural Hip anatomy even after replacement,
Faster recovery due to preservation of normal hip structure
Negligible Chances of Hip Dislocation

Very much bone conserving, hardly takes out bone from femoral neck and acetabular side,
Future revision surgeries (if required) become simpler due to availability of good bone stock.
Implants has a much Longer lifespan as compared to any conventional implant available in India today.

How does AHR work?

Arthritis of hip joint in young patient is a major concern for joint replacement surgeons. In our society mostly young patients in early 20 &30’s are suffering from arthritis due to AVN of hip joint, traumatic arthritis & secondary arthritis due to childhood diseases around hip joint…. Challenges in modern hip replacement surgery are for long lasting results in physiologically young and active patients due to their longer life expectancy. For long lasting Hip Replacement Surgery (THR ), prosthesis design must be designed on bio-mechanical load and anchoring principles of natural hip. It must be kept in mind that success of future revision surgery depends on preserved bone stock at time of primary surgery…

Hip Replacement Surgery in Vashi

AHR Offers Better Life Expectancy

ANATOMICAL HIP REPLACEMENT takes into account the biomechanical load and fixation dictated by normal hip anatomy and normal physiological pattern of weight bearing , thereby increases life of implant post surgery.

AHR Offers Better Stability

The stem of is designed in such a way that it follows the bones inner anatomy. While the also preserving natural physiological anteversion of the hip joint. Hence, offer better stability to the hip joint!

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