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What is the Cost of Brachytherapy Treatment in Mumbai Hospital?

Tumor in body can be a matter of concern as a majority of them can be cancerous and hence these are supposed to be flushed out from human body without any delay or other issue. One of the ways of fixing the cancerous tumors or cancer is via the treatment called Brachytherapy, which is very much common ways of fixing the menace. India being the emerging hub for global patients for various healthcare treatments can find this procedure as well. Interestingly, the low brachytherapy cost in India along with a long list of other healthcare services, more and more global patients plan their treatment in India only. The added advantage the people flying to India get is the treatments like surgeries and other non-surgical options are delivered with high quality and affordable cost. Time to dig in deep into this treatment option in the following paragraphs:

What is Brachytherapy?

Brachytherapy is a kind of radiation therapy wherein the surgeon employs high energy radiation targeting the tumor as opposed to the external radiation. As the procedure delivers the radiation energy directly to the said tumor, it is less likely to see the external radiation to damage the number of healthy tissues. The procedure of Brachytherapy is more often employed as a palliative therapy, which is a therapy carried out in order to relieve you from the symptoms like bleeding or to the open airways, but certainly not to cure the lung cancer. With the affordable brachytherapy cost in India, more and more global patients are flying to this country and getting freedom from the same.

Procedure  for Brachytherapy

Before you worry about the brachytherapy cost in India, it would be better to have a look at the procedure of this treatment option. Well, this procedure is carried out on an outpatient option, which simply means you are not often required to spend the night in hospital or required any provision of admitting to the hospital. The procedure can take around one hour, while a majority of the people getting the same get the spinal anesthesia that can numb the waist down which can be addressed with a medication at the later stage in case if you feel drowsy. The surgeon then inserts the UV probe in the rectum wherein it will showcase the prostate gland over the TV monitor that helps the doctor to place the seeds. The surgeon is then seen implanting the seeds over the prostate via thin needles and these are then inserted over the skin found in between rectum and scrotum and are guided in a perfect way in order to treat the cancer perfectly. After this procedure, you can find catheter will help in placing over the bladder that helps imposing the urine during the process of recovery. The procedure is found of two types, the temporary and permanent one, which is self-explanatory. The type of the procedure is decided upon the kind of conditions the patients have and other issues.

Brachytherapy Treatment in Mumbai Hospital India

India ranks at a better position at the global level especially when you have top hospitals catering high quality cancer treatment options. Thanks to the world class facilities and competitive surgeons and doctors who are known to deliver high success rate surgeries and quality healthcare services. India has a number of hospitals, which carry has the state of art modular operation theatres and these are backed by wide range of diagnostic facilities for things like Detection, Staging and Removal of cancerous tumor from the body. Interestingly if you check the brachytherapy cost in India, it is highly competitive especially when you compare the same from the developed nations like the US or the UK and other nations in the west. In other words, the global patients have enough opportunities to find nothing but the best of the healthcare services. 

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