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What is the Cost of Mitral Valve Repair Surgery in India?

Mitral Valve Repair surgery Overview

The heart ailments can be due to a number of reasons and causes. And one of the ailments includes the issue with mitral valve, which can be fixed with the mitral valve repair surgery. This surgery deals with fixing the leaking mitral valve and addressing the narrowing of the mitral valve. This surgery when compared to the procedures like valve replacement, it gives you a long term survival solution along with better preservation of the functions of heart along with reducing the complication risks and thus reducing the requirement for the long term blood thinner usage. India that has gained popularity in the recent past years for catering high quality healthcare services also renders good quality cardiac services. The mitral valve repair surgery in India comes along with par quality at much affordable cost, which is an interesting blend to enjoy with any option for the global patients hailing from different nations.

Mitral Valve Repair surgery Procedure

Once your diagnosed with the mitral valve issue, which need the mitral valve surgery, you would be asked to go for it soon. So, without actually worrying about the Cost of Mitral Valve Repair in India, which is otherwise affordable, you need to rush for the surgery. The surgeon that takes care of this surgery is called the cardiothoracic surgery, which carried out the surgery removing or reshaping the tissues found in the defective valve. He can carry out a couple of things in order to fix the problem of the heart valve as per the conditions. Well, there are two different surgical ways of doing this surgery – the traditional and the minimally invasive procedure. During the former, the surgeon makes 6 to 8 inch long incision over the center (breastbone) in order to open the chest giving the direct access to the patient’s heart. In the latter option, the surgeon is seen making 2 to 4 inch long J shaped incision, which opens up the certain part on the chest. This has several benefits like quicker recovery and less pain, however, this procedure may not be suitable to all the patients.

What is the Cost of Mitral Valve Repair surgery in India?

One of the vital benefits of carrying out Mitral Valve Repair Surgery in India is the cost. Well, the affordable cost of mitral valve repair surgery in India gives enough reason to the global patients this is because the quality is not comprised and most of the time it comes to be par with the developed nations like the once found in the US or UK. Now talking about the cost of Mitral Valve repair surgery in India specifically is around 6000 US Dollars, which is around 35,000 dollars in developed nations and interestingly the quality is not compromised for the affordability element.

Why Choose India for Mitral Valve Repair cost in India?

India boasts high when it comes to healthcare services, which certainly include the mitral valve repair surgery. Well, the low cost of mitral valve repair surgery in India that comes with the par quality has been attracting global patients from many countries including Nigeria. Here they global patients particularly from Nigeria and other African countries get a win-win healthcare package for cardiac surgeries and other ailments as well. The cardiac surgeons and cardiac hospitals are par in terms of quality and integrity, which together attract the global patients from Nigeria and other countries to India. The hospitals are globally recognized with par quality services and latest techniques that keep on coming at these places for the cardiac treatments in India. If you are among the Nigerian patients looking for cardiac surgeries then you can find loads of offers.


Mitral valve repair surgery is among the simple and straight forward surgery options to fix cardiac issues of global patients. The global patients from countries like Nigeria are getting fair deals here, thanks the low cost of mitral valve repair surgery in India.

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