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Why Robotic Surgery is a Better Solution for Gynecological Problems?

The prevalence of gynecological disorders in women is increasing at an alarming rate. It may adversely affect their reproductive system and result in serious complications including infertility and cancer. Medical professionals state that majority of women suffer from gynecological condition or infection at some point in their lives. They should not ignore any signs because such health conditions may lead to endometrial cancer or cervical cancer. According to recent statistics, around 40,130 new cases of gynecological cancers are diagnosed every year. It is essential for every woman in her reproductive age to indulge in regular medical check-ups for maintaining a sound gynecological health.

What is Robotic Surgery?

Robotic surgery is a feather in the cap of healthcare sector. Also known as ‘robot-assisted surgery’ robotic surgery is a latest medical intervention which allows surgeons to perform complicated procedures with more accuracy as compared to traditional surgical methods. Robotic surgery involves the use of ‘Da Vinci System’ which is a robotic-assisted machine. It has a camera arm and several mechanical instruments attached to it which makes it easier for surgeon to control and handle the operation smoothly. Da Vinci surgical system provides the following main benefits. 

  • 3-Dimensional view of internal body parts
  • Highly flexible surgical instruments that can rotate to a greater extent (like a wrist)
  • High fidelity tools that improved magnified visuals and great control

Why is Robotic Surgery a Better Solution for Gynecological Cancers?

Radical hysterectomy is a traditional surgical procedure used to treat cervical cancer and endometrial cancer. It has been observed that women undergoing a radical hysterectomy have a greater incidence of post-surgery complications. Majority of women experience problems like severe infections, bladder dysfunction, and thrombosis. Whereas, women who undergo a robot-assisted surgery recover much faster and do not experience any serious symptoms. Patients can resume their normal regular routine within 15 days. In addition to this, success ratio of robotic surgery is quite high as compared to other conservative cancer treatments.

Robotic surgery cost in developed countries like Australia and United States is extremely high. Massive range of hospitals in India offers cost-effective as well as reliable robotic surgery for treating gynecological cancers. Women can avail best beneficial outcomes at most economical prices by undergoing a robotic surgery in India.

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