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Why women are losing the natural looking hairs?

For the women, having the long lustrous hair has become almost the dream. There are the majority of the women who are facing the excessive hair loss problem. This also affects the self-esteem and personality of the person. Studies have shown that there are almost 50% of the women who are suffering from the hair loss problem and thinning of the hairs. There are many women who are going to the hair transplant clinic in India in order to attain the best hair transplant in India.

What are the main causes of the hair loss?

Before jumping to the conclusion, let’s see the causes of the hair fall among the women:

Thyroid: The entire hormone that is going to produced by the thyroid gland, usually come in direct contact with the hair fall problem. Sometimes, thyroid gland will fail to produce enough hormones. If you see excessive thinning of the hairs, excessive put on or losing of the weight, in this case, you must concern the best hair transplant surgeon because thinning of the hair is due to the dis-functioning of the thyroid gland or not.

Menopause: women after the age of 40, there are a lot of the women that suffer from the hair fall problem. These are the main symptom of the category of the menopausal symptoms.

Diet: what you eat in the whole of the day and what type of the meal consume, will also confirm the growth of your hairs. If you eat green leafy vegetable, non-spicy food and drink plenty of water, then the chances of the hair fall problem are very less. Most of us consume unhealthy and unbalanced diet, love to eat junk and processed food, then the hair fall must be the common problem.

Frequent Styling and Coloring: If you do frequent coloring of your hairs and usually adopt the different hairstyles, this has been proved as the one of the main cause of the hair fall problem among a large number of the young generation.

Physical stress: Sometimes, physical trauma surgery, car accident, severe illness will lead to the temporary hair loss problem. This type of the hair loss is caused by the Telogen effluvium. Hair loss has the programmed life cycle- the growth phase, rest phase and shedding phase. Even the stressful events will shock the hair cycle, putting more hairs in the shedding phase.

Pregnancy: Pregnancy is also the one type of the physical stress that can cause the hair loss. Hair loss is commonly found after the delivery of the baby. Giving birth is the most traumatic situation for the women.

Even considering all the above-mentioned facts and still, you are suffering from the massive hair fall loss, then you can consult us in order to take the best FUE hair transplant as we are renowned to provide FUE hair transplant in India.

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