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Having Kidney Stone? Best Kidney Stone Expert Navi Mumbai Dr. Soumyan Dey Tips On How To Manage It!

Dr. Soumyan Dey expain in detail what everyone should know about kidney stone treatment. He also explains not all stones are Kidney stone but can also be Urinary Tract Stones.
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0:00 An intro
03:01 Symptoms of Kidney Stone
03:18 Symptoms of Stone of Ureter
04:05 How to Diagnose Kidney Stone
05:18 Treatment process of Kidney Stone & Ureteric Stone
07:18 When is Hospitalization required for Kidney Stone
10:19 When can Kidney Stone be treated without Surgery?
10:32 When is Surigcal intervention required for Kidney Stone?
11:11 When can Ureteric Stone be treated without or with Surgery?
11:47 What is considered a large stone?
13:27 How is a Stone Removed?
16:00 How to Prevent Kidney Stone?
17:10 Can Drinking Beer prevent or Cure Kidney Stone
18:15 Conclusion


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