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All possible treatments for urticaria in Delhi

Allergic immune response results in causing irritation, and rashes on the skin that are called hives or urticaria. Some swollen, red, and itchy lesions are formed all over the skin due to allergic reactions from virus, bacteria, pollens, shellfish, drugs, insect bite, rubber, latex, sun exposure, or any other allergen in an atopic person. The symptoms may disappear after some time, or they could get worse, making the condition chronic, lasting for more than 6 weeks. All possible treatments for urticaria in Delhi are available at Skinology Clinic. Experienced skin doctors here examine every patient thoroughly to provide an accurate dosage of antihistamines and vasoconstrictors accordingly so as to avoid side effects. The recently approved drug treatment using monoclonal (IgE) antibodies is also available at Skinology Clinic to correct urticaria concerns. In this treatment, the IgE reaction is blocked by the monoclonal antibodies that are injected into patients’ bodies to cure urticaria. To avail the best urticaria treatments in Delhi, visit now.

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