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Best Dermatologist in Bangalore for Acne Treatment

Get the best treatment for acne from the Best Dermatologist in Bangalore at Charma Clinic. Acne is a common skin condition that arises when the hair follicles lying in the skin pores become plugged with natural sebum or oils, dead skin cells, and dirt. It can be either non-inflammatory types like open and closed comedones like blackheads and whiteheads or inflammatory types like pustules, papules, and nodules when bacteria also resides in the clogged pores. Depending upon the severity of acne breakouts, they can result in the formation of scars and emotional distress if they linger on the visible body parts. Effective treatments include topical or oral medications & certain therapies like chemical peels and lasers. All these treatments are offered at Charma Clinic. To avail of the benefits schedule an appointment.

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