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Hair fall is one of the major concerns among both males and females. Hair loss can be mild to severe and occur due to growing age, stress, pollution, genetic disorder, etc. Although an average of 150 hair strands fall every day, excessive hair fall can lead to baldness. Thus, advance hair growth treatment is carried out to promote natural hair growth and healthy hair. One can find the best hair growth treatment in Hyderabad, at Inform Clinics under the guidance of Dr. Dushyanth Kalva. This procedure is a non-surgical technique, which corrects the hair fall and hair thinning problem. The procedure is an injectable method, that uses the patient's own blood which is centrifuged to extract hair growth factors and essential proteins. The growth factors are injected on the scalp of the patient to trigger hair regrowth and repair the damaged hair follicles. The treatment is safe, effective, and involves minimal downtime. To know more about the cost of hair growth treatment in Hyderabad, visit Inform Clinics.

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