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Understanding a teenage mind can be very tough and frustrating. The changes in hormones bring changes in the brain and the body of the children. Many children do not discuss their problems, and parents are not very open with their children, and this creates a communication gap between the child and parents. To tackle this problem, Dr. Promilla Butani, a leading consulting pediatrician in South Delhi, can help, and she provides special training to parents that allows them to connect with their children. Teenage counseling for parents is a revolutionary step in the field of pediatric care that enables parents to understand the value of communication with the children. Parents counseling session provided in Delhi by the best pediatrician Dr. Promilla Butani has proved to be very helpful. The sessions help parents in getting closer with their child and allow them to provide a safe space for a mutual, open, and healthy conversation. Consult today with the best pediatrician in South Delhi, to know more about teenage counseling and help children to build a robust mental personality. 

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