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Enzalutamide 40 MG: A Prescription Medicine for Prostate Cancer

Enzalutamide 40 mg is a prescription medicine. It is used for the treatment of Prostate Cancer in males. It is not known whether Enzalutamide 40 mg is safe for use in women or not. The enzalutamide 40 mg price in India is authentic and night depends on the availability of a wide range of brands including generic and brand-name drugs. Enzalutamide 40 mg is available in the form of tablets for oral administration. Tablets should be swallowed whole with water. Enzalutamide 40 mg belongs to the group of medications called antineoplastic endocrine therapies. It inhibits the effect of testosterone. Enzalutamide may be taken with or without food. It is not restricted for use in women, children and adolescents. Ask for Quote: TOLL-FREE No: 1800-889-1064.

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