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Erlotinib: An Oral Therapy for Lung or Pancreatic Cancer

In order to treat certain types of lung cancer or pancreatic cancer, health specialists widely recommend Erlotinib. It is an active drug and also available as the brand-name medicine Tarceva. Erlotinib cost typically depends on a wide range of available brands including Generics and Brand-name medicinal products. It’s possible that the cost of erlotinib may vary based on the strength of the drug you take. In a few cases, you may pay a little more for a 150-mg tablet than you would for tablets of 25-mg. Erlotinib is a kinase inhibitor and is supplied as a tablet that is taken orally. Erlotinib works by halting the action of an unusual protein that signals malignant cells to multiply. This helps resist or halt the progression of cancer cells.

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