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Neck Lift Surgery for Removing Fat and Sagging Skin from Lower Face Area

There might be visible signs of ageing below lower jawline and on neck. These wrinkles and lines produce an older look that is not appreciable. For women over 40, there may be high amount of sagging and inelastic skin on their necks or appearance like a double chin that is caused due to fat deposition on upper portion of neck. To remove all these problems and to have a younger look cosmetic surgeons perform neck lift surgery.

This procedure is clinically known as lower rhytedectomy. This surgery can be performed for relaxation of excess fat and skin that creates jowls in lower face. This can remove excess fat deposits below the chin. This can also remove loose skin on neck and can be useful for muscle banding in the neck that creates abnormal contours. For some patients a full facelift surgery might not be essential as their upper portion of face looks pleasant, however there might be more amount of sagging skin or excessive fat deposit in lower face below chin.

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This surgery can be a good solution if the lower face contours are not in proportion with the upper part of face. This procedure can be performed along with brow lift for better contours around eyes, fat transfer to allow better enhancement of cheeks and lips reducing appearance of wrinkles and eyelid surgery for removal of signs of ageing around eyes.

Neck lift surgery is usually performed administering local or general anesthesia. Surgeons use liposuction process to remove fat deposits and some other surgical methods to lift the muscle structure in the lower face area for better aesthetic appearance. The choice of procedure adapted depends upon the amount of fat to be removed and sagging excessive skin to be removed. Surgeons take small incisions to ensure that scars are covered under natural contours of face.

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Neck lift surgery cost varies according to amount of fats to be removed, amount of inelastic skin, experience of surgeon, procedure adapted for surgery, type of anesthesia used and location of clinic where the surgery is performed.

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