by Internet Medical Society

recruiting new members for IMS's steering committee and country delegates - Invitación a participar en Comité Asesor y como Delegado Nacional de Internet Medical Society

Dear all,

I've received this invitation and would like to know how you think I may be able to participate, what you may expect.

I'm electrical and communications engineer with specialization on ICT, Master in Telemedicine, PhD student in AI and cognitive neurosciences, specialist in security, Operating Systems, Web Solutions, System Integrations and Migrations and mobile solutions for eHealth and chronical diseases. 

My professional experience is in multiple sectors, with SME and Global Players as system admin, developer, supporter, trainer, translator, engineer, consultant, coordinator and project and teams leaders, at national, European and global level. 

My mother tongues are: Swiss German, German, Spanish and Italian.

I speak fluently: English and French.

I'm studying: Chinese

You may sent my an invitation for LinkedIn ( or Xing (, my other webs are at moment in update phase.

Please let me know what you thing about a possible collaboration.

Kindest regards,


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