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Pigmentation concerns like age spots, melasma, freckles, sun spots, and liver spots are caused by the excess production of melanin by the melanin-producing cells (melanocyte) present in the skin. It is a harmless condition but affects the appearance as the skin becomes darker in color compared to the healthy surrounding skin cells. Trauma, hormonal changes, acne recovery, sun exposure can cause the formation of pigmentation. Dr. Anu Kapoor is an expert skin doctor who offers the Best Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Delhi. Laser treatment is an effective method that removes dark pigmented spots by using targeted light beams. Two main types of lasers are ablative and non-ablative. They are used to remove pigmentation without scarring, as the lasers break elements or pigments in the skin and boost collagen production. Other treatments like chemical peels and laser toning effectively remove pigmentation. To avail of the benefits of Best and Affordable Pigmentation Treatment Cost in Delhi, visit today at Clinic Skin Essence.

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