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Infographic: Liposuction Survey

Suction-assisted liposuction is the standard method of liposuction. In this approach, a small cannula is inserted through a small incision. It is attached to a vacuum device. The surgeon pushes and pulls it in a forwards and backwards motion, carefully through the fat layer, breaking up the fat cells and drawing them out of the body by suction. #cosmeticsurgery Learn more…


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What is the Age Limit for Gynecomastia Surgery?

The medical term gynecomastia originates from the Greek word for “woman-like breasts.” This condition, which men often feel too embarrassed to speak about, affects almost 40 to 60 percent of men. It can affect one or both breasts and can occur because of multiple reasons.

Age Eligibility for Gynecomastia Surgery

Men who feel particularly stressed…


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Affordable Surgery Cost, Expert Professionals, Advanced Technology : Makes India as A Medical Tourism Destination


Of late, there is a huge surge in the medical tourism industry. All thanks to the huge amount of investment taking place in the medical sector, which has made things better and smarter in the healthcare sector. More and more big brands have emerged in the field of healthcare embarking with high quality healthcare services conforming to the compliance of international…


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Face Lift Surgery - Say Goodbye to Facial Signs of Ageing!

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Face lift surgery, medically known as rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic procedure which aims at reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles along with other signs of ageing such as creasing and folds. The main objective of this surgery is enhancing the appearance of the jaw and face. As a matter of fact, the results of the surgery are outstanding and can help in reversing the harmful effects of exposure to the elements, stress and time.

To perform this type of surgery, a …


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Why Robotic Surgery is a Better Solution for Gynecological Problems?

The prevalence of gynecological disorders in women is increasing at an alarming rate. It may adversely affect their reproductive system and result in serious complications including infertility and cancer. Medical professionals state that majority of women suffer from…


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An Overview of Nose Reconstruction and Ethnic Nose Surgery

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Nose surgery is one cosmetic procedure that can help people achieve desirable-looking nose shape and size. There are different reasons for people to undergo this procedure.  In the recent years, with the advancement in the world of medical science, it has become possible for people to get the most effective and desired results of this surgery. Here is a glance into the nasal reconstruction surgery and ethnic nose surgery.…


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Nose Reshaping Surgery in Delhi - Get Improved Shape and Size


The shape of your nose matters a lot. If you have right shape of the nose then it can transform your look completely boosting your self-confidence.  Given that nose is one of the most important features of your face, you want it to be in right shape and size. For those who are not blessed with the right shape and size of the nose often lag behind in career and social life. Children and even grown-ups are teased at school because of misshaped nose. This makes the extremely…


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