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May 2022 Blog Posts (11)

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Urethral Stricture Disease: Challenges and Ongoing Controversies

The urethra is a thin tube responsible for passing urine. It also plays a part in ejaculation in males. A scar, swelling, or infection can narrow this tube, restricting the flow of urine outside your body. This reduced or blocked urine flow is called urethral stricture. This can further lead to many serious urology problems. People with stricture experience pain and difficulty passing urine. It can develop gradually or immediately. If left unaddressed, the condition might worsen to a…


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How to Control Bipolar Depression?

Bipolar disorder or depression is a mental illness that results in extreme mood swings. The changes in the mood could be severe, meaning you might feel elevated now and depressed the next second. The…


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Avant de vous lancer dans l'extermination des rats dans votre maison, vous devez d'abord savoir comment ils y arrivent. La population de rats est plus importante dans les grandes villes. Les rats se trouvent le plus souvent dans les égouts des villes; ils ont par conséquent accès à de nombreuses canalisations. La plupart du temps, ils pénètrent dans les maisons par des trous comme des tuyaux d'évacuation ou des cuvettes de toilettes fissurés ou endommagés. Ils entrent rarement de l'extérieur.… Continue

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MIS Total Knee Replacement In Mumbai | Helps Old Lady Get A 2nd Life | Bone & Joint Care Mumbai

To know more about Minimal Invasive Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Mumbai visit:

About Dr. Shailendra Patil: Dr. Shailendra Patil is a knee replacement surgeon in Thane, Mulund and Navi Mumbai. He has over 15 years of experience. Dr. Patil has performed more than 5000 joint replacement surgeries. He is the…


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About Right radical nephrectomy | Radical Cystectomy Surgery In Navi Mumbai, Mumbai India

Dr Soumyan Dey, is a best Urologist in Mumbai who is a super-specialized doctor having a vast experience in various fields of urology. Dr. Soumyan Dey  performs Right radical nephrectomy & Radical Cystectomy Surgery In Navi Mumbai, Mumbai India. 

For more info visit : Contact Us : Mumbai--31,…


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5 Lifestyle Changes in Addiction Recovery

Are you planning to join an alcohol de-addiction center in Mumbai to reduce your alcohol consumption? Or, are you supporting a loved one who’s decided to quit alcohol? The journey to recovery is full of challenges, whether you are just beginning or have been sober for months. As you start your de-addiction treatment, you realize that quitting alcohol or substance use requires more than avoiding…


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7 Things You Should Know About Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

If you are suffering from debilitating knee pain due to osteoarthritis, robotic knee replacement surgery can help. It is an invasive surgical procedure in which a surgeon uses a robotic arm to replace your damaged knee joint with an artificial implant customized to your needs. A robotic knee replacement surgery in Mumbai has a higher success rate and a faster recovery period than a traditional procedure,…


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Natural Treatment For Male Impotence

The treatment of male weakness, which is described as the inability to support or make an erection for a sufficient length to allow for sex, is what is being referred to at the end. Specialists can recognize both essential and auxiliary forms of feebleness. People who are…


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Best Cardiac Surgeon In Mulund, India

Dr. Abhijit Aklujkar, Cardiologist In Mumbai provides details that patient having heart blockage has symptoms of chest pain and heaviness and subsides when he takes rest or takes Tab sorbitrate. When heart attack takes place chest pain is usually at rest and doesn’t get relieved by taking tab sorbitrate. Another presentation of heart attack could be burning in epigastric falsely diagnosed as gastric problem.…


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Best Urologist/Right radical nephrectomy/Kidney Removal Surgery in Navi Mumbai, India

Dr.Soumyan dey  is an expert having vast experience in treating cancer of the urinary tract and male reproductive organs. He is specifically and specially trained to treat problems affecting the urinary tract (kidneys, Ureters, bladder, urethra). Dr. Soumyan Dey has extensive experience in reconstruction of neobladder surgery, laparoscopic and radical Cystectomy surgery of bladder cancer patient. Consult best cystectomy surgeons, doctor for bladder cancer specialist Navi…


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Effective Surgical Treatments for GERD

People suffering from GERD and its associated complications must seek out a doctor. 

If the treatment and lifestyle modifications are found to be ineffective in treating the disease the best option is to consider an operation to alleviate the symptoms. 

Cenforce 100 erectile brokenness in men. 

Patients who are advised to undergo surgery…


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