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Bone And Joint Care Center:How to Keep Bones Healthy and Strong In Winter?

Our bone health changes with seasons. There is no denying that our body experiences more aches during winter than at any time of the year. Joint pain and low back pain are absolutely common in older people during this time, and this could occur due to a number of reasons.

Now, the effect of the colder months on your body differs depending on your age group. For example, old people are likely to experience stiff joints, while the younger ones may face back pain. Most people consult the orthopedic clinic in Mulund to get the total hip replacement surgery in Thane during winters.

Impact of Seasonal Changes in Your Bones

The seasonal change is associated with the health of your bones and muscles. The muscles around the large joints are highly likely to stiffen up during colder months. This is one of the common reasons why people may experience back spasms during winter. It also happens because of the lower exposure to the sunlight during the colder months. As a result, your body will not get the required amount of sunlight, which will further decrease the level of Vitamin D in your body.

The sooner you take preventive measures, the higher the chances your bones and muscles will remain active and healthy in all seasons, especially winter. As the temperature drops, the amount of sunlight exposure you get also decreases. So, the only way to maintain your bone health is by getting adequate sunlight. The main problem here is that those who are living in crowded areas face difficulty in getting the required Vitamin D from sunlight. That’s because of the high level of pollution in these areas. Remember that only the professional Orthopedic doctor in Thane can help you establish the required levels of sunlight.

Tips for Making Your Bones Stronger in Winter

The simplest and effective way to keep your bones and muscles in good shape and condition is by performing exercises on a regular basis. Not only will it help maintain your bone density, but exercise has proven to be a great way to deal with osteoporosis. The major benefit of exercising during winters is that it will regulate the blood flow to your joints. This prevents the common medical condition “vasoconstriction” that’s highly likely to occur due to your body’s exposure to the low temperature. Exercise is especially recommended for the elderly during this time.

Note that Vitamin D plays a crucial part in keeping your bones healthy. Now, it isn’t only a vitamin, but it is like one of the crucial hormones that are required by almost every organ and cell in your body. The deficiency of Vitamin D is the primary cause of a majority of bone and health-related issues. So, if you keep the vitamin levels in your body in check, you will not have to worry about getting anatomical hip replacement surgery in Mulund or other joint replacement surgeries.


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